Friday, 30 November 2012

Day 82- Yasmin, local artist

This week we introduce to you an amazing multi talented crafter by the name of Yasmin Hagalwadi. Yasmin's skills are so extensive and versatile AND she teaches as well as inspires all who love to create beautiful handmade items. Self taught and growing in ideas and creativity, we can all learn from such a skilled artist. Her blog is spilling over with eye candy that one can not only admire but that one can also be inspired by!!
Name: Yasmin Hagalwadi
1. Please tell our readers a bit about yourself
I'm from India and have been living in UAE all my life. I am married to my "best friend" and live with my husband and 10 years old son in beautiful and serene Al Ain. I love working on different crafts and I'm a self taught crafter. I love working on my projects and giving craft classes and workshops.
2. When did you start on your creative journey? Was there something specific that kick started you?
I always admired beautiful things and handmade in particular. I have always been inspired by creative people and their beautiful creations. I have always tried my hand at different crafts since I was a little kid.

3. What kind of crafting do you do? Do you or did you have to attend classes/workshop to learn this skill?
I do different types of crafts like Crochet, Paper quilling, jewelry making, knitting, tatting , beaded flowers, cake decoration, polymer clay art, flower making, origami, cards, broken glass art, felt work etc...But I'm passionate about crochet and Paper Quilling the most. I had to learn most of it by trial and error :) I did not attend classes but have spent years of hard work and dedication to learn on my own. My best source has been the internet of course and the beautiful works of artists all over the world. It is  such a pleasure and a learning experience to see the different techniques and ideas used by fellow crafters. I give Crochet and Paper Quilling classes and workshops in different parts of UAE. I really enjoy teaching crafts and it is so wonderful to see the students learning and creating beautiful things.

4. What type of projects do you enjoy creating the most?  
I love doing 3 dimensional work and wall art. I love making quilled dolls, flowers, paper jewelry and other decorative items in 3D. I'm so particular about details that I spend a lot of time on my projects to get them to my satisfaction. I also like to work on elaborate framed work with intricate details.

5. What or who inspires you to create? Where do you get your inspiration from?
For the paper quilling, I'm eternally grateful to Amna Al Fardh for introducing me to this art. Amna's beautiful dolls and flower framed work was the first time I came across paper quilling. Just looking at her gorgeous work , I was so inspired and motivated that I fell in love with it. I worked endlessly for 6 months learning and practicing different techniques and methods. I'm inspired by everything beautiful ....and the works of great crafters. Whenever I see something pretty my mind starts racing about, wondering how I can use it in my art. The colors or the designs or just the look. And my friends and family's support and appreciation is a very motivating factor.

6. Are you or were you on any design team?  Were you published before?
I'm not a part of any design team. I have designed few things for some craft sites as a guest featuring their craft kits.

7. Do you sell your items or do you create for fun?  Do you participate in challenges, contests etc?
I create for fun most of the time but recently I've been making art for custom orders. I also design for my clients once they give me an idea of the color palette and the look they want. Most of it is wall art, birth announcements and certificates decorated with quilling. I have participated in just a few challenges and contests. It is always fun to see what everybody creates and their take on the given theme. I love the challenges for altered art- you get to see such lovely creativity and ideas.

8. Where do you sit and create? 
I have a work studio where I can work in peace and have my privacy. I usually work at my own pace and whenever the inspiration strikes.Usually I work late into the night and early mornings. But if I'm commissioned for a project then I work a fixed time : 7:00 am - 12 :00 pm and sometimes extend the hours depending on the timeline given.

9. Who out there in the creative world inspires you the most and why?
There are many great artists of Paper Quilling whose work inspires me. It motivates me to keep improving the quality of work and techniques. I love learning new things and my crafter friends online are my greatest inspiration, motivation and support.

10. Where to from here Yasmin? What are your future plans surrounding your amazing talent?
I believe that creativity is a never ending journey. There is so much to learn and do. I would love to keep learning and improving my art. I'll keep crafting for the fun and joy of it, for the wonderful feeling of turning an idea into a physically tangible object. I would love to teach more and more people and spread the art and creativity. I hope to make some wonderful works of art and have an exhibition of all my work.

I am drooling over her photographs!!  Love her attention to detail and am totally smitten by the last one!  Can you believe that its crocheted??  Wow Yasmin, talent like yours will surely not go unnoticed and I am sure we will be hearing much more about you in the future!  Go visit her blog and give her some love - she has earned our praise!!
Remember we promised you a surprise from the Fascinating Fridays Team (Hint: it will be next Friday, so keep visiting!!)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Snehal's Specialty

Hi Friends,
Our Fascinating Friday feature for this week  is the very innovative and talented crafter Snehal Watwe Welde whose work is  simply a delight to the eyes. She is someone who loves to create for friends and family and her passion for crafting can be seen in each and every project that she has shared on her blog... She offers such a variety in terms of new techniques and crafting style that one is always inspired from her work and that makes a visit to her blog a must :) So without further ado here's a look at what she has to say about herself:
Name: Snehal Watwe

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a hotel management graduate married to a chopper pilot for 13 years and now a full time crafter. Married to a Defence Officer I trot across India and world. I dabbled in all kinds of art work but took up card making and lately scrapbooking more seriously. I am a mother of two little girls aged 11 and 5. 

2. When and how did you start crafting?
I have been crafting for as long as I remember and in different mediums but for past four years have been seriously involved with paper craft. 

3. What inspires you to create?

Anything and everything. I like to do unconventional things as in break the norms. I take inspiration from every single thing I see but only look at it differently. 

4. What is your favorite technique? Why?

I think 'Paper Piecing' and 'Emboss Resist' are my favorite techniques. I think I like paper piecing because it took me a lot of time to learn it but got a lot of appreciation on that and started perfecting it gradually. I love the way emboss resists changes the final look of the project. It adds class to any project.

5. Who are your favorite paper crafters at this time? Why?
Ujjwal, Hussena, Erum, Indira, Kalindi, Doc Sonia, Tejal, Shruti Menon, Karuna,Yvonne to name a few. I hope I am not forgetting anybody. I love them because in their own unique way they have taught me and inspired me to challenge myself and create beautiful stuffs.

6. Describe your style.
I think Clean and Simple is my style. I hate clutter in real life and guess that shows in my work too.

7. Are you on any design team at this time? Have you been published in any magazine or online journal?
Yes I am on Lulupu and Pie Lane's design team. No I haven't been featured on any magazine or online journal yet.

8.What is your favorite thing about creating?
I love the time I create just because it transports me to  a different world and when I finish my project it gives me immense satisfaction and pride. And the joy is manifold and unparallel when the recipient loves it. 

Captivating, cheerful & cute, these projects are nothing short of greatness! I love the pop of colours and textures, the distressing and pleasing composition. Thanks so much for sharing with us, Snehal! FANTASTIC FRIDAY TO ALL,,,

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Thank You

Hello dearies... Its been such a long tym since I posted any handmade creations!!! Now that my sis and new-born nephew have gone to their nest, I got some free time but home is very dead and boring *sad face* So i've planned to busy myself with blogging and, hopefully, reading my recently-bought medical books...(not a fan of reading, huh)
Here comes one of my cards inspired from the super talented Andrea Ewen... The focal point below is this floral stamped image that has been divided, spaced and layered on a dp... How can such a card be complete without pearls and embellies =)

This card is entering for:
Card Makin Mamas
Scrappy Frogs
Lollipop Crafts
Wags 'n Whiskers
Lexi's Creations
Pause, Dream, Enjoy
Guylous Inimitability
Broken Box Stock
My Sheri Crafts
Use It Tuesday
Party Time Tuesdays

Hope you liked them as much as my FB followers :) One thing before you sign off, our Fascinating Fridays' team is preparing for a big surprise, so stay tuned!!!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Dynamic Donna

A warm welcome to this week's amazing artist...featuring the uber talented Donna Espiritu. Donna is a multi-talented artist who currently designs for some 10 different digital designers and she is a DT member for local online business Pretty Paper Studio. Her cards and layouts are amazing and her style is fresh and bold!! So without further ado lets find out more about her.
Name: Donna Espiritu

1. Please tell our readers a bit about yourself
I am from Manila, Philippines currently living in Saudi Arabia with my hubby. I am 35 years old, I love reading and playing games either on my phone or online (FB games to be exact hehe). I am interested in photography and would love to learn in-depth.

2. When did you start on your creative journey? Was there something specific that kick started you?
Some years ago when my first niece was born. I wanted to document HER and was already doing albums for her when I stumbled upon the term scrapbooking in the net.

3. What kind of crafting do you do? Do you or did you have to attend classes/workshop to learn this skill?
Mainly scrapbooking, but I also love to create mini-albums and cards from time to time. I did attend a few workshops but mainly because I wanted the kit :D 
I WOULD love to attend technique workshops especially mixed media ones, though. This one I haven't tried that much yet.

4. What type of projects to you enjoy creating the most?  (for example do you like cards, wall art, layouts, altering items, etc.)
Layouts, cards, mini-albums.

5. What or who inspires you to create? Where do you get your inspiration from?
Me, my family and friends. My life, as simple as it is. I get inspiration from everything, everywhere.

6. Are you or were you on any design team?  Were you published before? 
I am currently designing for Pretty Paper Studio and some 10 digital designers :)
Been published, yes. A few of my works before. But I didn't keep track (which I should!!)

7. Do you sell your items or do you create for fun?  Do you participate in challenges, contests etc?
It WOULD be great if someone buys my creations :) When I think my stuff will sell (I am shy! :D), I will try that. But now, I create mostly for the fun of it. Contest, challenges.. I create this list EVERY MONTH but I never get to it. The time will slip by and the deadline ends :D 

8. Where do you sit and create?  (for example do you have a craft studio or is there a routine or specific time you craft?)
I did have one room dedicated for my craft stuff in the Philippines. But now, I only create in this little corner of our bedroom. It depends, sometimes I create the whole day but most of the time, I start to get inspired in the evening.

9. Who out there in the creative world inspires you the most and why?
Several, different in creating styles. I love the works of IRIS UY (she's so talented and a very kind fellow Pinay scrapper), CD MUCKOSKY, (love her artistic style), Heidi Swapp (first, she was my scrapbooking idol and now she is one talented designer/scrapbooker in one!)

10. Where to from here Donna?  What are your future plans surrounding your amazing talent?
Hmmm nothing much really, I will just continue creating for fun but who knows, maybe in the near future I will find the courage to do what I've been dreaming to do (that's a secret for now :D)
Aren't you just blown away by the awesome work she does!!!  See her originality and the unique way she uses patterned papers to its full advantage.  No dies or stamps, just total utilization of what she has on hand - awesome!!! I am sure we will be hearing much more about Donna in the future.  Donna is on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Pop on over to her sites and show her some love.  Do not forget to leave a comment - you know how we all love comments :-)