Friday, 22 November 2013

a small note...

Hello peeps,
OMG it's already end of the year, how did the time fly so quickly??
May be coz I'm quite overwhelmed with job that I can't enjoy other sweet things :(
Will pause for now and continue with Fascinating Fridays next year to catch up with this busy life!!

Got some fun cards here to share with y'all:

Thanks for passing by and stay safe!!

Friday, 1 November 2013

*Inspirational Dose*

Happy Friday everyone!! Our Muse today is the Sense Designer 'Miyake' and will be featuring some of her terrific ensembles this week to help kick start our mojo =)
She's a certified Ranger educator so get yourself ready for a creative interview with lots of oohs and aahs!! Lets see what she got for us:   
Name: Miyake

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your family.
 I am a Korean. I live in Seoul, Korea with my father, mother and an older brother. My mother and brother are pastors! I originally majored in music.
I used to make songs for K-Pop singers and movie O.S.Ts. But, the irregular working hours and overnight jobs made my health deteriorate and I felt a sense of skepticism about the celebrity culture. So I quit the job. Now, I am working in a design company and running my own studio.

2. How and when did you start crafting?
 It was 2009. I found such a beautiful handmade card on the Internet while searching for collage techniques and images I could use to decorate my personal planner. I was very much surprised to find out that there were so many people in the world making cards. I did not have any stamps or techniques. So, I searched for the materials and started mimicking techniques of other crafters. There is an old saying in Korea, “Praises make even a whale dance.” The cards I made in the earlier days were so sloppy and awkward. But, my blog buddies complemented me, saying how beautiful the cards I made were. They also encouraged me and gave me advices. Thanks to them, I am enjoying this craft to this day!

3. From where do you draw your inspiration?
I have been reading a lot of books since childhood. I enjoyed picturing the contents of a book I was reading in my head. So, whenever I read a book or talk with people, I still tend to picture the contents in my head. This is how I get inspired for my works.

 4. How would you describe your style?
Colorful, something messy and chaotic in a way. This is the style I pursue. Dyan Reaveley. She is the reason I got to love this style. Her ideas and use of colors are amazing! In the earlier days, I depended entirely on tools thinking that I could not create pieces without stamps and tools. But, after observing Reaveley’s works, I began enjoying free-hand drawing and handwriting. What I want to point out is this. I realized that the best way is to draw things myself with my own hands.

5. What are the 5 top tools in your crafting space?
Vagabond, Archival Ink, Gesso, Dylusions Ink Spray, Distress Marker

6. What’s your favorite technique?
To apply gesso and then spray inks of various colors on top.

7. What are your go-to colors?
Purple! I pursue creating pieces with purple that is slightly dark and elegant!

8. Do you sell your projects?
I am currently selling my works and teaching techniques from my studio.

9. What do you do when you aren’t crafting? Job? Other hobbies and interests?
I originally majored in music. So, when I have free time, I enjoy listening to music. My favorites are new age and rock!
I also enjoy traveling. I have been to India, Japan, China, Thailand and the U.S. so far. My goal is to go to Tibet and Mongolia! Traveling, reading and listening to music always inspire me.

10. Are you currently designing for any blog?
In November 2013, I will begin performing as a member of [Susan K. Weckesser design team]. The designers in this team create the best works. I love their talents. I am also planning to work as a guest designer at the [Eclectic Paperie] in December 2013.

Miyake, I'm quite smitten with the clever pairing of drawings and techniques!! These projects have definitely captured all hearts... Thank you dear for sharing this beauty with us!!