Friday 9 December 2011

Sathya's Sparkling Start

Our featured artist today is a lady who introduced herself to Amna Al Fardh (Team member) like this: I'm a beginner but I hope I can participate in your exhibition. When Amna saw her work she didn't think that the artist did justice to her talent and was more than happy to accept her entry into the quilling exhibition .. She actually sent her pieces in no time and just before the exhibition .. Hence she was one of the last entries .. but most certainly among those who impressed the crowd!!!! Let us introduce to you Mrs. Sathya who was one of the participants at the 1st Paper Quilling Exhibition in the Arab World & the Middle East...
 Name: Sathya Kala Sankaran

1) When did you start paper quilling ? and how did you know about it ?
I started my quilling in April 2011 and I came to know about it through an art and craft blog which followed Inna’s blog for the quilling. 

2) Do you read books about quilling and other crafts? or what sources do you use mostly ?
I don’t own any quilling or other craft books and my only source is Internet and I love to research about the newer crafts around me. The tips and tutorials provided by fellow crafters are other great resource. 

3) Describe yourself as an Artist , what hobbies do you like and practice? what other forms of art do you like?
I call myself as a beginner in Quilling as I have only 6 months of practice. I love to do pencil sketching, cross stich, origami. I have learnt Carnatic music, Classical dance (Bharatnatyam) and Musical instrument Veena. Cooking and Gardening are most lovable part of my routine. Currently Quilling has turned from a hobby to an obsession. 

4)How long have you been crafting in general ?
It started well from my childhood days as my Mom is an artist. I have seen her doing water color painting, oil and acrylic paintings , Crayon, Pastel colour paintings. She is my true inspiration always. She took me to all drawing competitions in and around my place; cross stich and embroidery are my childhood time interests. 

5) Do you work or study? and does practicing hobbies affect any aspect of your life?
Am a MPhil graduate in Toxicology specialization and have a pulsating desire to pursue my PhD. And also involved in my Educational institution (Little Gems) in Chennai, India. As of now, a Home maker, Mom of two and a half year old kid. These hobbies makes my life worth living. To inspire and being inspired is the way of life to me. Am absolutely happy with what I have, learn and make everyday. 

6) Do you attend workshops or give workshops ?
I have not attended any workshops yet or given one. Am looking forward from Amna to give a workshop in India, in future, so that many of my country fellow quillers will benefit too. 

7) Have you gained any benefit from your art? what kind of benefit ?
I don’t have any monetary benefits. Yet I get a complete self satisfaction and true happiness out of these works. Utmost dedication and perfection is what I seek in every work. 

8) What advice do you have to other crafters?
I would like to see more people in this Emirates Quilling Guild to get involved and to learn crafts.
Its a real pleasure in life to be connected with the talented artists across the globe and to get their valuable suggestions, comments and views. This makes us to improve our skills in a greater sense.
I wish to add an important point, that each artwork is unique and has a special value. Due to plagiarism, many talented works are not being shared for the rest of the world. All members love to browse through the quilling art shared by other artists, and to get inspired. Being artist/learner, I feel each work has to be rewarded and has to be valued properly. Those who wish to follow an artwork or unique technique invented by the artist, please do mention the due credits. That way, the creator will be rightly rewarded and this can make them create many more such wonderful creations. 

9) Anything you would like to add?
Many thanks to Amna for inviting me to share some of my background in quilling art with all of you. I actually feel really honored and grateful for being invited. My sincere thanks to Inna ( whom I consider as my silent teacher. I really got this passion for quilling from her. Her wonderful illustrations with apt pictures, tips, tutorials are awesome source for any beginner like me. Her blog itself is a wonderful must treasured book for me. Everyone who comes across her blog will fall in love with this Magic called Quilling.
My Special and hearty thanks to Suganthi Mohan ( without whom I am unaware of this lovely Emirates Quilling Guild or wouldn’t have entered this blogging world.
Thank you so very much Amna once again for giving me an opportunity to display my artworks in the Exhibition.

Now check out these amazing pieces:

I love how these pieces stand out with the intricate details. I found it hard to resist them too. Who wouldn't?? It's such a stunning work, Sathya :) Thank you for sharing with us!!!! Happy Friday to all,,,


~Tammy~ said...

Oh my beautiful beautiful detail work! Did I read right, she just started in April!!! WOWZERS

Sathya said...

Thank U Noor, for this opportunity....I have seen so many featured artists here and being one among them now is a great pleasure to me...I feel am honoured...

Kavya N said...

Awesome Work Sathya aunty!!! Congratz!!

Anoo said...

Hi sis,
No words to express ,you deserve it.

Let all your thoughts join in these quilling threads to have a wonderful creations like this.

May God Bless you with more quilling threads.

I am proud to be your sis.


Lekha justin said...

Congratulation SAthya...! yes.. u r really talented artist..! keep quilling..Cheers...

Pritesh Dagur said...

Wow! Wonderful! I am an ardent admirer of Sathya's work myself :)

Sathya said...

Thank U Kavya...will meet soon...

Thank U Anu...u r real sweetheart! Meet u soon in chennai dear...

Thanks So much Lekha...for ur appreciation!

Thank U Pritesh...U r so kind and modest!!!!

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