Friday, 21 September 2012

Trina's Tempting Treasures

When you visit Trina's blog to view her creations, you get the sense that she is a thoughtful and genuine person and crafter.  Each project radiates with purpose and fine detail.  Her coloring skills are wonderful and so is her personality.  Reading her blog is a joy and when you read her interview, you'll understand why. Let's meet Trina:

Name: Trina Willis
1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.   
My name is Trina, and I can frequently be found reading either a book or my phone. I’m in my thirties and am pretty dorky. I like to laugh but have been known to shed tears during animated movies.

2. When and how did you start paper crafting?   
I started making cards two years ago, but I’ve been crafty most of my life. When I was much younger, I loved to draw. As I got older I wanted to do some of everything (paint, candles, soap, furniture), BUT didn’t do any of it! When I started making cards, I had been out of work taking care of some family members  for about a year. Crafting saved me as I was going crazy being the taxi and not working a “real” job.

3. What inspires you to create?   
Well, I’d have to say that the mounds of supplies I’ve amassed these two years inspire me! Plus, I love working on projects and being able to finish them. (I have problems starting and not finishing some things; crafting isn’t like that for me.)
4. What is your favorite technique? Why?   
Is coloring a technique? I don’t know if I would call it that, but I love to color! Even before I started making cards, when I was super stressed, I could pull out a coloring book to help calm my mind.

5. Who are your favorite papercrafters at the time? Why?   
I follow and enjoy so many people! If I had to choose a couple, though, I would say my friends Dana at Dana’s Inspirations, Barbara at Forgotten Scraps, and Tracy at I Wanna Build a Memory because they’re all fabulous colorists and open to sharing their knowledge and techniques.

6. Describe your style.   
I haven’t managed to figure out what to call my style. Most of the time it’s pretty clean, but it isn’t really CAS. I would love to make beautifully decorated cards, but since I don’t know how, most of the time I stick with a colored image and a piece or two of patterned paper.  Lately, I’ve branched out a little into mixed media (thanks Dana!), and, strangely, that’s still how I create!

7. Are you on any design teams at the time? Have you been published in any magazines?   
I am blessed to be on some great teams where they understand my need to turn in projects at the last minute! I currently design for Guylou’s Inimitability, The Outlawz (Wednesday’s Sketch Team), Little Miss Muffet Stamps, and Ready Set Create. Ready Set Create is an online magazine, so I get published every time a new issue is published!

8. What is your favorite thing(s) about creating?   
As much as I love making stuff, I would say that my favorite thing about creating has been meeting the people I’ve met. I have so many people who I’m close to and laugh with and pray for whose voices I’ve never heard and probably would not even recognize if they were at my door!  (I know my profile pic is of a slightly younger, much slimmer me!) I’ve been inspired to do so much that I doubt I would have tried had it not been for my interactions with my online crafting buddies.

Trina, you're an absolute coloring pro!!! Love the simplicity combined with stunning clean images... Thank you sweetie for joining us this Friday and hope to see you here always :) 
Good-bye friends and catch you next time!!!


Trina said...

Noor & Rochelle, thank you so much for choosing to feature little ol' me this week! I feel extremely honored!

Hussena said...

i loved what Trina has to say about herself and her work and her projects are so pretty...i am totally floored by her coloring skills happy to see her featured here :)

Carla S. said...

Great to see Trina featured! She is an awesome artist and a sweet person!

Papercrafting Princess said...

Kudos to you Trina. You deserve the honor 'Miss Coloring Queen'! The best to you!!!!

Penny said...

So nice to learn new things about Trina! She is a creator of such wonderful pieces. Thanks for featuring her!
Hugs, Penny

Kavya N said...

Beautiful works of craft!! Love the teacher of the year card on the top!!

Cindy said...

Trina's such an awesome lady, and a special friend, I love her "clean" style, she always makes a statement with her creations and I love that!!! WTG Trina, you deserve it girlfriend :) big inky hugs

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