Friday, 12 October 2012

Hitesh's Creative Journey

Hi everyone!! Its Janine here with a new Fascinating Friday's feature... Today's local artist caught our attention with her stunning wall pieces featured on her Facebook page; simple breathtaking.  Allow us to introduce Hitesh...quiller extraordinaire!!
Name: Hitesh Kanwar
FB page: Paper Curves

1. Please tell our readers a bit about yourself
I was born and brought up in Rajasthan. I completed my masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. I worked with a literary consultancy for three years before getting married in February 2011. Currently, I am settled in Sharjah, UAE. 

2. When did you start on your creative journey? Was there something specific that kick started you?
As a child I was inclined towards drawing and painting. As I grew up I started writing poems, short stories and plays. I wrote and directed plays in college. All sorts of creative things used to attract me from childhood. After shifting to Sharjah one and a half years back, I dedicated myself completely to my passion. 

3. What kind of crafting do you do? Do you or did you have to attend classes/workshop to learn this skill?
I am totally fascinated with paper. I do quilling, punch craft, parchment craft and a little bit of decoupage. I was lucky to find my mentor in my family. My sister-in-law, Neha Somani taught me paper quilling and punch craft.  I also do different types of paintings.  

4. What type of projects to you enjoy creating the most?  (for example do you like cards, wall art, altering items, etc.) 
Personally, I love making wall pieces because  there is a lot of scope for experiments. They are long lasting and its easy to preserve them by framing. I also like to make photo frames as they make wonderful gift items. Sometimes, I do paper work on candle holders and lanterns.  

5. What or who inspires you to create? Where do you get your inspiration from?
My family, friends, nature and everyday things. My family is extremely supportive and encouraging. I generally discuss ideas with my mom-in-law and sister-in-law. My husband is my best critic. So, overall the whole environment around nurtures creativity in me. 

6. Are you or were you on any design team?  Have you been published before? 
No, I am not on any design team. I teach paper quilling, punch craft and parchment craft at Sharjah Ladies Club. I have conducted a workshop for Sharjah Art Foundation also. 

7. Do you sell your items or do you create for fun?  Do you participate in challenges, contests etc?
Yes, I do sell my items at ARTE. I am little lazy with participating in contests :)

8. Where do you sit and create?  (for example do you have a craft studio or is there a routine or specific time you craft?)
There is no fix time and place for me to work. Most of the times, I watch television or listen to music while creating my works.  When in the process of making a new creation, I get a little obsessive and keep working while I am talking to someone on skype, or even in the car (of course when I am not driving :-)

9. Who out there in the creative world inspires you the most and why?
For paper quilling I love Amna Al Fardh's work which is neat and sophisticated. I like Manuela Koosch's creations for the simplicity and elegance. For punch craft I really admire Rajni Chawla and Shalini Mittal's works. Sonal Mehta has magic in her fingers and her parchment work is breathtaking. 

10. Where to from here Hitesh?  What are your future plans surrounding your amazing talent?
I want these crafts to become more popular among people. I look forward to conducting workshops with children. Right now I am just busy experimenting with paper; let see how things shape up. 

Hitesh your work is stunning!!  Wow just look at the detail of those flowers; they look totally realistic!  The tree looks almost life like; amazing work Hitesh.  I am totally smitten; with talent like yours you could reach new heights with your creativity!  Good luck for the future... 

Friends, please pop over to her Facebook page, like it and browse the images that will just blow you away! Have a fun and great weekend :)


Hussena said...

Hi Hitesh ,
Its so lovely to get to know more about you i have been following your work on FB and like Janine am totally smitten with your gorgeous creation's!! they really are just breath glad to see you featured here:)

Trina said...

Gorgeous creations, Hitesh!

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