Friday, 8 March 2013

Wida's World

Hello all... It's Tasnim here today and for this week's feature, I've interviewed Wida.  In case you haven't heard of Wida, here is what we've to tell you about her:
I have gotten to know Wida through the Runway Inspired Challenge blog, which at the time was one of our favorite challenge blogs. From competing against each other, we have come to be on the design team of this challenge blog =) Wida has guest designed at many blogs, published a few cards in well known magazines, and has won many challenges. She was one of the top 15 finalist at the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol 2012 challenge; the most competitive challenge, as it gets over 1000 entries for just 20 spots! She has many interesting features on her blog, one of them is the Design Diagnosis, where she does a thorough analysis of well established card designers through interviews, testimonials and sharing her own views... 
Name: Wida Miller
Blog: Beachorado

  1. Tell us a little about yourself and your family
My name is Wida Miller (pronounced Wee-dah). I am a mom of 4 (Sophia age 9, Bennett age 6, Anya age 3, and Karina age 2), a nurse practitioner, a pretty good cook, kind of messy, way too chatty, so analytical it will give you a headache, and pretty funny if I do say so myself. I married my husband in college and moved to Colorado from Ohio for his job in 1999. I have been blogging for about a year now. 

 2. How and when did you start crafting?
I started scrapbooking in 2003 around the time of the birth of my first child. About 5 years ago I started making cards after watching Kristina Werner. I still scrapbook, but currently have an obsession with cards. 

 3. From where do you draw your inspiration?
You can find a list of inspirations on the blog post here, but my favorite is Pinterest.

4. How would you describe your style?
Fresh and Edgy CAS

5. How much time do you spend crafting every week?
Some weeks none, and some weeks about 5 hours, perhaps?  But that doesn't include photography and blog post time. I usually batch photo and posts, that is, make 3-5 cards, then photograph and upload them all in one sitting, then set up posts in another sitting. My blogging has slowed down with time, when I first started blogging I was addicted to challenges and would post almost daily!

6. What are the 5 top tools in your crafting space?
Besides the usual scoreboard, cutter, camera, ATG gun etc. my most used items would be my Cuttlebug (I like to emboss and cut die shapes),  Versafine onxy black ink (it is dark and if you mess up a bit, you can emboss it and it forgives a bit) , glitter, twine (hemp, bakers, and even the cross stitching kind), and versa mark/clear embossing powder.

7. What is your go-to colors?
I love vintage cream card stock, pink, gray and green

8. What is your favorite technique?
Die cutting and glitter...that is glitter with die cuts, in splatter, on the edge of card stock, covered in chipboard...EVERY KIND OF WAY, I LOVE GLITTER!

9. If you could work for any manufacturer, who would it be?
Studio Calico, Hero Arts, and October Afternoon. 

10. Are you currently designing for any blog? 
I design for Runway Inspired Challenge, A Blog Named Hero, and another one coming soon ;)

Classic and elegant cards, Wida!! Your style is so inviting and pleasing :) Wow, love the way you master creating fun modern cards for different themes and occasions.. Thank you dearie for being here and hope to see you more frequent,, Thanks in advance to all visiting this post and leaving some kind words*_* xxx


Blossom inch said...

Congrats Wida for being featured and great write up. Noor perhaps you could change the font as it is difficult to read and not so sharp in colour.

chillin with Quillin said...

really gorgeous cards !!!

Tenia Nelson said...

Yay Wida!!!! Woot Woot!!!

Hussena said...

Wow Wida its so good to know more about you and your work ...your cards are just gorgeous!! them :)

Jennifer Rzasa said...

I love Wida!! SO happy to see her featured :)

Unknown said...

Wida is a rockstar! I love her!

Kelly Griglione said...

Yep, it wasn't until I saw Laura's craft room video that I learned Wida's name was not pronounced Wi-da. Now how am I going to switch that in my head?

Love Wida and her completely unique style. Such a blessing to have her in our community! Great interview, Tasnim!

LauraJane:) said...

Wonderful interview WIDA's BEACHORADO is one of my favorite reads!

lostinpaper said...

Thanks for the wonderful interview, I just want to know what you do with all your spare time lol.

Susie W. said...

Great interview! I love Wida's work and her sense of humor!
Oh, and I also want to know what Wida does in her spare time. :)

Julie said...

Wida is AMAZING, not only is she a fabulous card maker, but she's also one of the sweetest bloggers I know! YAY Wida, You ROCK the crafting world ♥

Tracy Ercole said...

Great Inteview :)

Jeanne J. said...

YAY! I loved reading your interview and seeing Ms. Wida featured here!

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