Friday 13 September 2013

Creative Crafts

Sometimes you come across some great artists who will not only amaze you with their creativity but also bring smile on your face by their writing skills.. Hello friends, its Deepti and I am here to introduce you to one such amazingly talented, brilliant and fun crafter- Lynn Hayes. I found her blog recently but ever since… I am always excited to visit her blog to get inspired from her cards and laugh over her fun filled posts J I am sure you would love her talent both in the cards she makes and the humor she adds in her blog posts, so without delaying any further we welcome our star crafter for the week …

Name – Lynn Hayes

1.  Tell us a little about yourself and your family.
I live in an extremely small town in Texas, am married to a wonderful man, and have a little dachshund named Rambo. I have two grown children and three lovely granddaughters, with another one due in a couple of months. I retired several years ago after being employed as a Pre Trial Officer with a local Probation Department. I love being retired as it gives me time to craft and enjoy life.

2.  How and when did you start crafting?
After I retired I felt I would have time for this craft and a friend of mine showed me the basics of how to use stamps, ink, and paper.  I started making cards and also started my blog four years ago.  

3. From where do you draw your inspiration?
My inspiration comes mainly from other blogs, card galleries, magazines, and Pinterest.  Things in nature and my every day surroundings also inspire me.

4. How would you describe your style?
My style tends to be more clean and simple.  I've tried to make cards with a lot of layers and different elements on them, but never can seem to pull it off to my satisfaction.  You'll also often see humor in my cards and my blog posts.

5. What are the 5 top tools in your crafting space?
Sometimes I feel I'm a buy-alcoholic instead of a craft alcoholic but would have to say the tools I use most are my stamps, coloring mediums, Cuttlebug, embossing folders, and dies.

6. What’s your favorite technique?
 I love using embossing folders and dies.  I feel the texture of the embossing and the fun of using dies really adds to cards.

7. What are your go-to colors?
You'd think with three granddaughters I'd use more pink than anything, however, my favorite color is blue so I use that color often.  I also love the look of red, white, and black on a card.

8. Do you sell your projects?
A couple of years ago I made cards for a baby/children's shop in a near-by town.  They have since gone out of business and so I no longer sell my cards.  I send my creations to family and friends and also donate cards to different organizations when possible.  

9. What do you do when you aren't crafting? Job? Other hobbies and interests?
If I'm not crafting you can probably spot me reading a book. I love to read and will read just about anything.  My husband and I also have a large garden and love growing our own vegetables. We also love to go fishing (but I usually catch the bigger fish)!

10. Are you currently designing for any blog?
 I've been on quiet a few design teams and am currently designing for Digi Haven.  

Wasn’t this an amazing interview...even more amazing are her fun creations. Thank you so much Lynn for sharing with us. I am sure you loved the few creations she shared with us and now my friends its time for you to get much more inspired by visiting her blog. Enjoy!!


Hussena said...

Lynn, your cards are so beautiful and fun ..Its so nice to get to know about you.... I love your style of card making so much :)

Tammy said...

Besides being a fabulous crafter, I can vouch for the fact that Lynn is a wonderful person and friend!

Deepti said...

I am so glad to have found her, she is truly an adorable person :)

jimlynn said...

Thank y'all so much for having me as the Featured designer this week. It was truly an honor and you have a fabulous blog!

Shelly Schmidt said...

How fun- Congrats to Lynn- love all of your cards too : )

Carol L said...

Congrats for being featured here Lynn! You're a great blogging buddy and a sweet friend, and your wickedly witty sense of humor just completely cracks me up! Take a bow my friend - you totally deserve it :)

Di said...

Well done Lynn - very much deserved!

Hugs, Di xx

Donna Hanley said...

This was a terrific interview with you, Lynn. I'm glad others will now get to know you as I and others already do; fun, witty, loving, caring. You are a great source of inspiration for me. As well as my go to girl for a good laugh. Noor thanks for placing the spot light on such a great gal.

Nancy in Iowa said...

Hello my dear blog friend! A well deserved feature! Cards, fishing, grandkids, veggies, and stories about Rambo - total package my friend - total package!

Maria@Crafty Cre8tions said...

Lynn rocks!!!!!!!!!


Linda Simpson said...

A fabulous interview and love getting to know a little bit more about my blogging friend. Great cards as always.

Linda xxxx

Diane said...

A fun interview, and we sure could become friends with our same never miss any of Lynn's creations as I subscribe to her blog.

Denise@DigiHaven said...

What a wonderful honor for such a spectacular lady! We love having you on our team at Digi Haven. Your talent and humor are inspirational!! xoxo

MaryH said...

A great pick for your team of a superbly skilled card maker. Lynn's cards are always such clean-cut, bright & cheery ones, that I leave her blog with a smile on my face..both from seeing her lovely cards, but also reading her post. She will be a marvelous addition to your team.

Lynn McAuley said...

Congratulations, Lynn!! Your wonderful work always inspires me!!!

Lynn McAuley said...

Congratulations, Lynn!! Your wonderful work always inspires me!!!

Joan Ervin said...

Whoohoo!!! Congrats, are so deserving of this honor!!! What a wonderful interview and I love your sweet mug shot!!!!

Joan Ervin said...

Whoohoo!!! Congrats, are so deserving of this honor!!! What a wonderful interview and I love your sweet mug shot!!!!

Monica said...

Wow, Lynn, this interview was so lovely. I enjoyed reading it and I am a proud follower of your blog and I think your CAS style is awesome.

Darnell said...

Thank you for featuring Lynn! She is not only a funny and creative card artist, she is a sweet and generous friend!!

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