Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My First Blogaversary Celebration!!!

I think by now you must know the surprise that has been cooking!!! It's my first blogaversary celebration :)

It will be a whole-week celebration from 8th to 12th November and most important there will be winners EVERYDAY!!! So mark your calendar and stay tuned for the reveal on Nov 7th...
Waiting to see you there....


Sabrina said...

Weeeeeee this is BIG!! Can't wait!! :)))

Radwa Bayoumi said...

Am counting down ;)

TR said...

Sounds like fun. What an accomplishment!
Congratulations. See you on the 7th!


craftytassy said...

MashaAllah and congrats!
Will make sure to come and see what's cooking on those dates:)

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