Friday, 18 November 2011

Featuring talented Kavya,,,

Our featured artist today is our future artist in fact, a young lady, actually very very young. She's only 12 but she's got the talent. She communicated with Amna (Team Member) thru her website and was eager to find more about quilling, and one thing led to another; now she's one of our youngest talents in UAE!!! Let's meet our young future artist- Kavya :) 
Name: Kavya N

1) Introduce yourself to our followers please
I am Kavya Nagalakunta currently studying in The Indian High School, Dubai. I am a 12 year old girl interested in learning various arts and crafts.  

2) When did you start paper quilling? And how did you know about it?
Whenever I go to India I always watch various art programs on the TV. Two years back, I came across a segment where an artist introduced paper quilling. He showed how to make a basic flower and some 3D quilling and I did try it out. Later I tried it thrice in my assignments and created the quilled tulips. But this year I came across Yasmin aunt in Arte exhibition on June and I was amazed with her creations. She even told me some tips on making miniatures. I later bought a mini mould from her and tried out quilling and I am now experimenting with it. 

3) Do you read books about quilling and other crafts? Or what sources do you use mostly?
After meeting Yasmin aunt, I came to know about others quillers and their works. I also refer books and checkout other blogs too.  

4) What hobbies do you like and practice? What other forms of art do you like? How long have you been crafting in general?
I try out various crafts during my free time and I also joined Art Clubs in school where I learnt the basics of Origami, Relief work, drawing and painting, mirror carving, etc. I also play the keyboard sometimes. I have been crafting in general since I was 10 mixing art with my school assignments. 

5) What inspires you to work and where do you get your inspiration from?
Various artists and crafters inspire me with their works. I am surrounded with some amazing parents, teachers, friends and others who always inspire me to bring the best out of me. 

6) Does practicing hobbies affect any aspect of your life?
I am currently studying in Grade 8. Hobbies allow me to express myself better. 

7) Where do you get your quilling supplies from, and what alternatives do you have if these are not available?
I used to cut my own strips before but later found some craft stores in the UAE and India that cater my needs.  

8) Have you attended any workshops?
I have not attended any workshops for quilling but I attended classes for other crafts such as Mirror Carving and Relief work. 

9) Have you gained any benefit from your art? What kind of benefit?
Pursuing art has given me an immense pleasure. These skills do come in handy at times. 

10) Anything else you would like to share with us or would like to add? (This can be anything we didn't ask you or you think would add to your interview)
First of all, I would love to thank Amna aunt for giving me this chance & also Yasmin aunt for introducing me to quilling. And Thanks to all for encouraging quilling in the UAE. Many of the works have inspired me to create more….Thank you once again♥♥

Have a look at these cute pieces:

Kavya, you're very creative and skilled!!!! I'm very certain you'll master this art one day :) Keep learning and inspiring...Thanks sweetie for being a part of Fascinating Fridays and thanks to all for visiting us today.... Fabulous Friday!!!!


Kavya N said...

Thanks a lot for featuring me here and for ur kind compliments... Hope to master this art some day as you said..=)

Mannayah said...

wait till you see her amazing work for the exhibition ..
she's one of the most talented mashallah

Lekha justin said...

lovely works...Best wishes Kavya...!!

craft-tee said...

OMG these are gorgeous! To have mastered the art. Love the blooms on the clock. WTG Kavya : )

Sathya said...

Adorable works...Good luck Kavya...

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