Friday, 17 February 2012

Day 50- Jaime Lee

Fascinating Fridays is back!!! As our featured stars inspired you last year, we hope to overwhelm you all this year too :)  Thanks to all who joined us in 2011....
Today's artist is a creative crafter, a shop owner and a loving mother :) She enjoys scrapbooking for years now after running an Interior Design business... Guess who: it's Jaime Lee,,,,,
Name: Jaime Lee
1.    When did you start this hobby?
I started scrapbooking since 2008, when my sister first introduced me to scrapping world. The moment I found out and seen those yummy colors of papers, pretty embellishments and how amazing creations can be I did not have a doubt at all and straight enrolled my first scrapbooking class at one of the LSS.

2.    Who inspires you the most?
When I first started scrapbooking, the first online scrapbook kit club store I found was Studio Calico. I instantly adore the kit and not long after I signed up to be one of their members.

3.    Define your style?
I am sad to say, I do not have a specific style because I love exploring with many kind of mediums and designs. I can do simple and clean layout and I love doing intrigue design too.

4.    What are your favorite tools?
I cannot craft without my precision scissor, a sharp blade and of course 3-in-1 Beacon craft glue and not forgetting my cutting mat.

5.    What is your favorite technique?
At the moment, I think my favorite technique is layering and fussy cutting.

6.    Do you follow the latest trends?
I don’t really follow the latest trend. I usually go with the flow I have but I tend to like using the latest product line and I love Studio Calico Kit.

7.    Where do you normally do your artwork?
At the moment, I scrap on my dinning table. I can’t wait till I get my new craft room. I hate to say this but I seriously took over the whole dining space.

8.  What are your favorite colors?
This is a very difficult question (lol). I love all kind of colors and if you would like me to pick one that will be WHITE.

9.  Are you designing for any products, brands or scrapbook store?
Yes, I am currently owning a scrapbook store and having Studio Calico kit as my store Kit Club. Apart from having Studio Calico kit club, I carry a wide range of products in the online store. Do pay me a visit at and visit our inspiration blog:

10.  How much do you spend per month buying your art supplies?
Well, pretty hard to say how much I spend every month. Though I own a store for myself, I can just take whatever things I like. I still buy things online or LSS. I would say, minimum spent for each month inclusive of kits and others would be $500 or more (sometimes)

11.  Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Way before I started scrapbooking, I started my own Interior Designer business right after I graduated from Sydney, Australia. I named the company Jlee Design Sdn Bhd, which starts with my initial and my last name. In year 2009, I gradually slowed down my ID business because I was expecting. In year 2011, I had decided and started my own scrapbook business which is Scrappin Studio owned by Jlee Design Sdn Bhd.
*For those may not know, Sdn Bhd simply means Private Limited*
I am still and forever will, enjoy and be contented living with my dear husband Mr.Cho and my cheeky as ever and smiley son, Lucas. I have been a scrapbook admirer ever since 2008. Since then, I never give up in crafting and indeed the passion grew stronger and stronger each year. Well, creativeness is always in my blood because I always thought I inherited my dad's gene. Sometimes I claim my dad is a perfectionist. No doubt, I feel that I have something that runs in my blood that I am creative too!
What do you say about these beauties:  

I don't know what else would sum up these creations better, other than saying that they are absolute masterpieces. The attention to detail is awe-inspiring, and I just love the colours!!!! Thanks Jaime for sharing with us your boundless creativity :) See you all next Friday,,,,


Blossom inch said...

absolutely a beautiful creations by Jaime and thanks Jaime for joining us for FF.

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i m spellbind ed !

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