Friday, 25 May 2012

Theresa's Treasures

Happy Friday bloggers!!! It's Rochelle with you today featuring the one and only- Theresa Calderini.  Theresa's creations posses an air of sophisticated elegance that permeates through the screen when you visit her blog. Each card appears as though every element has been methodically planned out so that the finished product is a beautifully orchestrated work of art. Her writing style makes you feel as though you're having a personal conversation and that makes a visit to her blog all the more enjoyable. As you read through the interview below, you'll come to understand why Theresa's cards and writing are the perfect combination for a great blog that displays great work!!!
 Name: Theresa Calderini

1. Tell us a little about yourself. 
I hail from sunny Florida and am presently a full-time crafter & writer. I have been blogging for about 5 years and recently launched a new blog titled “Parables of a Crafter” which was created as a means for artistic and written expressions to be married and used to reach, teach and touch others through art and word. I have been married for 10+ years, my handsome husband Mark is a Firefighter / Paramedic. I have 4 beautiful children (young adults now!) and am also a grandmother. My “secret dream” is to be on the stage at Women of Faith as a Storyteller! Only God knows the future and if he sends me there, I’ll show up with a smile on my face and a basket full of handmade cards to share!

2. When and how did you start cardmaking?
I’ve been cardmaking for as long as I can remember, but it became a central part of my life about 8 years ago. I like to think that I was born with a paper gene and have nurtured it throughout my entire life!

3. What inspires you to create?
Life around me is my main inspiration, be it people, places, things, anything with dimension, color or a story is inspirational to me. My favorite Photographer is Stephen Bivens and I gain a great deal of inspiration from his work. Each day is new and with it comes the opportunity to be inspired and to create and I take full advantage of this whenever possible!

4. What are your “go to” tools for cardmaking?  Why? 
Paper of course!  Also Copics, ribbon, distressing inks and die cuts. I’m known as the “queen of contraband” and don’t favor any particular company over another. If it’s a tool that catches my eye, I’m willing to incorporate it into one of my creations!

5. Who are your favorite paper crafter's at this time? Why? 
I am very inspired by Beate Johns as I can feel her passion through her creations and this is something that draws me to her work. Whenever Beate creates something new, I sit and let my eyes wander over it, seeing each detail and imagining the story that comes behind it. I also enjoy Michelle Zindorf as she is an artist who is extremely gifted with ink. How anyone can take containers of ink and a brayer and bring them together to create such beauty is beyond me, but I really get revved up over her work! My favorite “creator” is the ever popular Becca Feekan because she has the wonderful gift of stepping outside of the box with her paper creations. I love reading Becca’s blog, her love of paper crafting is demonstrated through her words and her creations.  I aspire to take lessons from each of these talented ladies and incorporate what I have learned into my own creations. If I can do this successfully, the sky has no limit!

6. Describe your style?
Huh? My what? Lol! Many of my creations come as the result of a story that I want to tell which means that I can’t be nailed down to a specific style, but I’m ok with that! I would describe myself as eclectic and free-spirited in regards to style. No matter what style I use, you can be sure that the one consistent element will be a story going along with each creation!

7. Are you on any design teams at this time?  Have you been published in any magazines or online journals?
I joined Perfect Sentiments design team in 2011 and presently, this is the only team I am working with. I do hope to identify additional design teams that I can get involved with in the future. I have not yet been published although I am presently working on my own publication which will be an interactive, Christian crafters book which we hope to bring to market near the end of 2012.

8. What are your favorite thing's about creating?
Sharing my passion with others through my creations and stories is what brings me the most pleasure. Having someone tell me that one of my creations inspired them truly warms my heart which creates a desire within me to go into my craft studio and create more!  

Delicate and flawless creations, Theresa!!! Your pieces of art are always thrilling and a visit to your blog will inspire us to the peak.... Thanks Theresa for sharing your valuable time and being with us this week :) :) Folks, don't forget to leave some love at Theresa's place.... Join us next Friday, for another portion of fabulousness!!! Bye for now!!!


Kavya N said...

Lovely elegant creations!! And thanks for the voucher, received my parcel some weeks back!!! My first set of clear stamps!!! Thanks a ton!!

Rochelle said...

Congratulations Theresa! Your creations are just lovely!

chillin with Quillin said...

oh wow, there so gorgeous, they would be great keep sakes!!

Jennipher said...

Way to go Theresa!! A well-deserved recognition.

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