Friday 22 June 2012

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Hi Friends,
It's Hussena here and our wonderful guest today is a very talented and versatile crafter who has proven her mettle in the crafting world  over a period of time....She is multi-talented and seems very comfortable working with different mediums!! Be it Painting, Murals, Punching, Stamping, Quilling to name a few..!! And not only that, she is a beautiful cardmaker and she single-handedly manages many blogs and her own online store :)..So Without further ado, let me introduce you to Kavitha of the blog "Kalalayaa Art Studio"... And here's what she has to say about herself :) :)
Name: Kavitha

1. Tell us a little about yourself ?
Hi all, i am Kavitha living in Chennai, India. I am a girl who totally loves independence even in work :) That is the reason why i got into designing industry while all my friends went to higher studies after completing our  computer science degree. From my young age i always wanted to be an entrepreneur and my passion towards designing made me to do some designing course like fashion designing, visual designing n fine arts and right after that i started my own art school and since then i never looked back. I love playing with colors,working with pretty things,which suited me a lot for this job :) I should say i am blessed to have my passion/hobby as my profession.

2. When and how did you start cardmaking?
I have been crafting from my school days n of course we used to  make cards with all the left overs :) But only after i started blogging i came to know that card making is such a big industry and there is so much that can be done with it than just cutting n pasting. I really see every card as a little piece of art as so much work, thought n love goes into making it.

3. What inspires you to create ?
Colors- i love colors n have been coloring  from my childhood. I started collecting color pencils, crayons, sketches, paints even before i knew how to use them :) I love playing with them all the time and of course internet and all my fellow crafters are a great inspiration.

4. What is your favorite technique? Why?
My favorites always change from time to time, but to pick one i would say its mixed media as it gives a unique n modern approach to art.

5. Who are your favorite paper crafters at this time? Why?
This is really tricky as i love many for their unique styles.

6. Describe your style?
I always keep experimenting with different styles but my all time favorite is shabby chic and layered cards.

7.Are you on any design team at this time? Have you been published on any magazine or online journal?
Yes i am in a couple of challenge blog design teams at present- "Love to create" and " Charisma cardz challenges" and have been a guest designer for few blogs now n then.

8.What is your favorite thing about creating?
It allows me to work as n when i like, makes me think on my own (not something other says or written on the book), made me so bold n independent ( i am a very shy-type girl till my college), now am my own boss and finally i am doing something i like and i still earn from it, isn't it something amazing?? :)

Wow!! Isn't Kavitha's work gorgeous?? Each piece is so well crafted and truly shows her skill and her designing abilities :) I find that Kavitha always layers her cards so well  and her coloring is always spotless!! Because of her ability to mix mediums  her works and her cards has a bit of everything in it!! Thank you so much Kavitha for this wonderful interview & for letting us have a glimpse behind your creative journey. Hope all your future endeavors are as successful  as your present ones :) Keep inspiring us with your beautiful creations *smiley face*



Indira Tanwar said...

Nice interview Kavitha! Congrats on your achievements!

Stella said...

MWow; she is veru talented! Gorgeous cards; the 2nd one with the butterfly is my fave:)

chillin with Quillin said...

she is great and very talented, love her works!!!

Tenia Nelson said...

Awesome work dearie and congrats!!!

Poornima said...

Nice to know more about you...your work is always so inspiring !!

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