Friday, 9 May 2014

Today's Spotlight... Keerti

Hi there crafty people; today I wish to introduce you to Kreative Keerti.  She is a multi-talented artist who can paint, make jewelry, scrapbook and do amazing work with clay.

Keerti Joshi-Pendharkar is from Thane in India and has been living in Dubai for the past three years.  

Please visit her Facebook Page .......... Keerti Kreations.  Dont forget to become a fan by liking her page.

Here's what she got to say about herself...
1. Describe yourself as an artist
I would rather describe myself as the person who discovers art in mundane stuff around me. More akin to a stone carver... just chisel out the superfluous to unravel the art within!

2. What is your favourite type of creativity?
My favourite Kreativity is when I give up, burn myself out, hit the bed.... And then inspiration creeps in suddenly. I get up, sometimes in the middle of the night , sometimes in the wee hours of morning... And then I just do it! It can be a piece of jewelry, paper crafting .. Anything !

3. When and where do you typically sit down and create?
Now here comes the interesting part. Anywhere... seriously. In the kitchen, or the drawing room, or wherever. There is no "typical" here. Being a homemaker and the mother of an energetic 6-year old, I cannot "sit" down to it!

4. Who and what inspires you?
Again... just about anything inspires me! And I don't claim to be an "artist" (refer point 1). A cup and saucer beckons me... the pair whispers that the cup has potential to be a well and the saucer claims that it can be the shrubbed base.. all I do is listen!

 5. What are your favourite tools to create with?
My favourite tools are my hands... with them I can get the unraveling done, because they connect to my brain... translating thought to action!

6. Do you teach and share your talent?
I haven't taken a formal effort to conduct "classes". Because I don't believe art and Kreativity can be taught formally. My style is to be... just be. People around me know what I stand for and reach out. I just act as a facilitator... helping unravel!!

7. What is your opinion on the artistic / creative community in Dubai?
I'm surrounded by many talented ladies. Each one has their own unique styles. Feels lucky to be amongst them.

8. How do you plan to grow and expand your creativity?
Kreativity for me expands with exposure to different experiences. I meet a lot of people, I see different places, I watch different tv programs, I play with my kiddo... all of these and more bring a breath of fresh air to my Kreativity!

9. Have you ever sold your works of art?
I do exhibit my art when time permits.  I have parted with my Kreatives for a price... the price is more a consolation that whoever is ready to pay for my Kreatives understand their "value" and therefore will take care of them...

10. Where to from here? Tell us about your future plans.
From here to a micro universe where I don't have to bother about cooking and cleaning! A world full of stuff ready to be unravelled... and maybe workshops to catalyse Kreativity for those who need!

I am sure we will all be seeing much more of her spectacular Kreations.  Amazing and talented you are Keerti! Thank you all for being here :)


anuja said...

Keerti its always a pleasure to see ur work!!

Unknown said...

Awesome stuff keerti..

Deepti said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the interview, u are not only creative in ur project but also in expression of ur thoughts :) I loved the variation in ur art !!

Unknown said...

Superb.. Keep it up..Keerti..

Janine Smith said...

Well done Keerti, you deserve this exposure. Hope to see many new things your side.

Unknown said...

Keep the good work going... May you get more n more success...

mugdha said...

Dear Kirti, both of us are exited to see you in a diff. perspective. Hats off to your creativity.Looking forward to see KK Ltd. Dubai & Keerti as chairman.

Unknown said...

I've known Keerti since donkeys ears now...I've watched her grow more n more artistic n creative along d way....may it b simple dribbling to painting or even beautiful rangolis...u rock girl...All the best to a beautiful person...

Noor Nahdi said...

Wow wow wow... Love the way Keerti thinks outside the creative box!! Thumbs up to such an inspirational lady... Thank you Keerti for sharing with us ^_^

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