Saturday, 13 November 2010


It's the week of EID!! Today and for the coming six days will be featuring talented designers from around the globe. They will share with us the joy of Eid by showcasing all the beautiful creations they've made for this unique occasion.
So let's start with Amna Al Fardh whom I call 'the Quilling Queen of UAE'.

Blog: Mannayah

Know Amna:
My name is Amna Al Fardh, a paper quilling artisan from UAE. I'm currently working on establishing the first Arab quilling guild which is ( Emirates Quilling Guild ) for the purpose of spreading the art of paper quilling in the Middle East.
My paper crafts obsession started long time ago since I was probably 10 as I was practicing different things without knowing they were actual forms of art such as kirigami. I love everything to do with paper .. quilling .. punches .. and stamping. I enjoy making video tutorials about different crafts in Arabic since there aren't many on the internet.  You can see more of my creations in my website:

Here are some of Amna's cute Eid creations:

Amna, I always appreciate the inspiration you bring to me and many others who have the opportunity to enjoy your designs. Thanks for being such a great artist, communicator and friend! Hugs!!
Thanks for joining us today and be sure to come back tomorrow....


Mannayah said...

wow .. great into and to tell you the truth I'm eagerly waiting for the next cards to come .. I checked the blogs of all the participating ladies and they were just FAB ..
you are the Card Queen .. CQ ;)

Amna :)

Radwa Bayoumi said...

WoooooooooooooooooooW.They are adorable ,I love them all.Really Amna is the queen of quilling .Thanks Noor for your spotlight :)

washi said...

Amna masha'Allah your quilled qurbani sheep are adorable!

Noor Nahdi said...

Thanks Amna for writing about the celebration in your blog...

Sabrina said...

Wow so many cards!! Very cute and wonderful indeed!!

Mannayah said...

Salaam Ladies :)
Radwa .. thanks dear ..
Washi .. you remind me of Japanese washi paper .. yum yum
I checked your blog and it was great mashaAllah :)
I'm half Indian so "qurbani" caught my attention ;)
Noor .. one of the "cool things" is that i got to see the work of many sweet ladies talented ones mashaAllah .. so thanks dear .. I would never have done so
Sabrina .. thanks dear :)

Amalia said...

oh wow I love those sheep! Masha'allah they are so cute!

Happy Eid!

Blue Pearl said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these ones!

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