Sunday, 14 November 2010


It's the second day of Eid celebration!!! Today will feature a special crafty lady from South Africa. Please welcome with me - Nadia Adams....


Meet Nadia:
Hello, I’m Nadia Adams from Cape Town, South Africa. If you follow my blog, Crafty Muslimah, you will know me as Washi. As a child, my Mom taught me to knit and embroider. I was amazed that I could create something from a few strands of yarn or thread; but only developed a love for crafts much later. In 2004, I travelled to Saudi Arabia for Haj, and there my fascination with all things crafts was reawakened. I was very taken with the stitch-craft that the Saudi ladies occupy themselves with behind their high walls; plus was drawn to the Arabic calligraphy and sculpture on display in Makkah and Madinah. On my return, I asked a friend to give me a quick lesson in cross-stitch, and that was when the love affair began. I started going to craft fairs, and not only revived my love for knitting and crochet, but developed an affinity for all paper-crafts. Once I started making my own cards, it was a natural progression to learn origami, calligraphy and quilling in order to make my own card toppers. My signature style card toppers are almost always stitched, from cross-stitch motifs to miniature crochet amigurumi toys. 

These are some of her awesome Eid creations:

 Eid Mubarak card with the greeting cross-stitched onto dark green perforated paper, with matching origami backing paper on shiny card stock.

Big lilac card with Adha Mubarak calligraphy greeting. The Arabic script was penned with a 2.2mm manuscript nib and black india ink on shiny fern green origami paper, with transparent vellum parchment as a backing. 

Thank you Nadia for the eye candies. You are truly inspiring to me with your sweet, simple style.
That's for now. Visit us tomorrow to meet another creative girl....


Sabrina said...

Nadia, adding the cross-stitch to a card is definitely a briliant idea. It turned out good!! I love it. Simple but yet wonderful :)

washi said...

Sabrina, I'm glad you love it! I believe in card-making sometimes less is more ♥

With love, Nadia

Mannayah said...

Nadia .. thank you so much for sharing your cards with us .. Noor too for organizing it
I fell in love with your first card .. cross stitching huh .. at first glance I couldn't believe it but it's true ..
beautiful work my dear .. and happy to get the chance to see your lovely work :)


Radwa Bayoumi said...

WoooooooooooooW another great lady.
Nadia your card is amazing .I adore calligraphy.Thanks again Noor for the chance to meet those talented girls ;)

Amalia said...

They are beautiful cards masha'allah

Happy Eid to you!

Blue Pearl said...

Wow very nice designs...i love them both!

Noor Nahdi said...

Welcome Radwa...
I know the team is shining masha Allah!!!

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