Friday, 28 January 2011


Our featured artist today is not other than the talented lady of vibrant colors from United Arab Emirates. Amna Al Fardh (Team member) admitted that Shaikha Al Matrooshi has this artistic soul in her where she amazingly works her way through paper strips and with details too. 
Now pull your chair to read more about today's fascinating artist!!!

1. When did you start quilling?
It was around 2008 as I was looking for a special new way to make a Birthday card and while I was searching, paper quilling method popped up, and I didn’t know what it was called at that time, but it was more interesting for me. In July 2010 I attended a workshop at SLC and I think that was the beginning.

2. Did you start reading books after that? or what were your sources?
I don’t have the chance to read books about paper quilling as frequently as I wish, but to me internet is the easy way to read about anything, and lets say Amna Al Fardh is my main source :)
3. Do you attend workshops or give workshops ?
Although I'm trying but I don’t attend many workshops though I'd love to give a decoupage workshop one day.

4. I've seen some of your work which is great, so could you tell us about other hobbies or art forms you spend your time with?
I loved art as long as remember. I can say that I’m not a beginner but for sure I crossed a long way in the art path. My hobbies do not include art only, I love sports , reading , cooking and problem solving. My art life includes not only coloring which I still love but also Decoupage , fabric painting , glass painting , recently paper quilling and I think any thing that joins colors and imagination.

5. We’d like to know more about you, do you work? study ? has art affected these aspects of your life?
For the mean time I don’t work or study but I can say that I have a small business with decoupage. Practicing my hobbies is affecting my life positively for sure, it’s what makes me go sometimes.
As a mother for two I sometimes get this moment when I forget how I can enjoy my time , so having a hobby made my life , gave me strength and it takes me to a special world where my hands are talking silently to make a piece of art.

6. Have you gained any benefit from your art? what kind of benefit ?
The benefits of art in my life are many. Mainly passing my time, having a nice time with my kids as sometimes they like to watch and ask , which is a good mother-kids bonding time .
I love decorating my house , making gifts instead of buying them and many more.

Never miss these beautiful creations by Shaikha:

We thank you for reading and a BIG THANKS to our artist * Shaikha Al Matrooshi *. See you next week with another talent...


Mona L. Pendleton said...

Beautifully quilled flowers! Thanks for sharing :)

Gene and Charli said...

Very nice quilling work. I'm wondering if Shaikha Al Matrooshi has her own website where we can view more of her work?

Mannayah said...

hello :)
Shaikha doesn't have a website or a blog .. but you can find her on facebook .. and also she's a member of Emirates Quilling Guild too

Colleen Dietrich said...

Oh my goodness! Such beautiful creations!

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