Friday, 18 March 2011

Sahar's Stunning Hand-Crafts

Welcome all and happy Friday!!!! Today's artist overwhelmed me at ARTE market so I decided to share with you her creations. She was so sweet and her crystal trees were calling me. Let me introduce you to Sahar!!!!
Name: Sahar Afsheen

How and when did you start your crafting journey?
My connection with art started way before I even knew what I was doing. As one of five siblings, our mother would devise ways to keep us out of her hair, so she would give us tiny clothes to stitch for our dolls, and I even made an entire doll house complete with (almost-edible) food items made out of clay, and furniture made out of recycled items.
In school, again I preferred doodling and drawing far much more than the chemistry lesson going on in class.
While I was in college, I used to make many handicrafts and cards for college festivals, and while they were much appreciated I did not think of expanding my work because of studies and later my job.
However, after marriage I realised that the typical 9 to 5 jobs were not my cup of tea and decided to explore my creativity. Hence Sahar's Hand-crafts was born.

What type of handicrafts do you create?
I try to be a jack of all and create handmade greeting cards, wall hanging towel decors,car decorations, decoupage crafts. But my specialization is more into Glass Painting, and Crystal crafts like small bonsai trees.

Here are some of them:

From where do you draw your inspiration?
Nature mostly but almost anything and everything from our daily lives.
I also use a lot of natural stuff like marble,glass, semi precious stones, eco friendly paper and towels in my crafts.

What are the top 5 tools in your crafting space?
My wire pliers, finger rubber gloves, gold glue, glass paint fix adhesive and my ever loyal portable fan

How long does it take you to make a creation you are happy with?
I'm quite moody as typical of an artist.  If I'm in a highly inspired mode then I shall work at a piece till I complete it otherwise it takes me days to create and make the same thing.
But I am quite a perfectionist and will not put up a piece for sale unless I know I have made it the best possible piece it was intended to be.

What do you do with the handicrafts that you make?
Initially as typical with all artists I couldn’t think of parting with my creations or selling them. After so much work has gone into an art piece, you want to know that it will be well taken care of. But with a lot of encouragement and support from my family and friends I started selling my handicrafts at handmade markets like the ARTE markets and other miscellaneous exhibitions. They also are the most popular gifts amongst my family and friends.

Do you post your handicrafts in any blog, forum, gallery?
I currently have my crafts group called Sahar’s Hand-crafts on facebook for which the link is HERE.

Want to see more, enjoy:

WOW, amazing creations Sahar!!!! Really proud to know a creative person like you. Thanks for being very communicative and sharing with us. Friends, don't forget to 'Join' Sahar's group and enjoy her artistic sense :) Hugsssssss


Unknown said...

Yup, this is amazing!! I am stunned and speechless!! :)

Yasmin said...

Beautiful work by a very talented person! I've seen Sahar's amazing work at the Arte event. Thanks for sharing, Noor . It's lovely to see so many crafters lovely work showcased in your blog.

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