Friday, 11 March 2011

Viola's Vintage Creations...

Wow, it's already tenth week at Fascinating Fridays. Lots of efforts are running behind the scenes with my sincere team members, Amna Al Fardh and Sabrina Sulaiman. Thank you dear friends!!!!
Today's artist owns a very unique style of hers: shabby, chic and vintage. I've to admit that I was so inspired by her creations. Won't keep you waiting for long :) Let's all welcome Viola Mahr!!!

 Name: Viola Mahr

1.   When did you first decide to make a card and why? (for eg. any significant event that drives you to make it?)
I've created silly, little handcrafts since young, and dabbled in painting, drawing, and all kinds of art. Cardmaking started around three years ago when I was sixteen... a group of my friends and I wanted to send a card back to our friend in Europe to encourage her, and I was nominated to make the card... I printed some digital patterned papers, and that was the simple beginning to my present favorite hobby :)

2.   What process do you go through to create a card? (for eg. do you take out all your embellishments and papers and start or you usually just hit and go?)
I usually find a patterned paper and just start mixing and matching from there. Sometimes I get stuck with a card late at night, and I give up and go to bed. In the morning, almost without fail, it comes together smoothly for me as my refreshed brain can "see" what was missing on the card the night before! :)

3.   How would you describe your cardmaking style?
Oh, a little mixed up of simplicity and shabbiness. I love fresh, spring colors with a little aged look. Not too much grunge, and not too gaudy, and it will be perfect for me :)
4.  What are your favorite products and manufacturers?
I love Melissa Frances patterned paper and embellishments -- something so very sweet about the soft colors and patterns. BasicGrey never fails to please :) and Pink Paislee is a new favorite of mine.

5.  As you probably know, cardmaking is an expensive hobby. What drives you to continue and any tips for crafters with low budgets?
 I am what I call the thrifty-est scrapper in the whole world!! :) at least in my view point. As I am a student, my budget is low and I never ask my parents for money to support my hobby. I use my own savings from my etsy store to make purchases (as well as pay for my music lessons!) and so far it has been good, as long as I watch my expenditure at the scrapbook stores. I shop online (etsy) quite a bit and look for the best of the very best bargains. Many times I create my own embellishments, such as trinket pins which I now share in my etsy store, hand-roll flowers, and cut out my own leaves and add special touches like stitching to them (see the Just a Note card below) ... these little things all add up to save a lot of money! I also hoard my scraps and use them for special cards.. you never know when they will come in handy. All in all, the best thing to keep in mind is when you go shopping, limit yourself to what you really, really can use, and don't waste on things that just look pretty but you find hard to use.
Feast your eyes on Viola's elegant cards:

6.  From the 3 cards you have shared, describe the most creative design you used.
I love the newest creation I'm sharing.. the shabby darling treasure box.. it's covered head-to-toe in pretty things, and you could spend a whole day looking over it. My favorite way of embellishing is tucking a little of this and a little of that into the corners and edges, making a collage-effect that is both intricately beautiful and also sophisticated. The other two creations are cards that are my most recent favorites.

Thanks Viola for inspiring us!!! Viola, I'm very sure your creations have fascinated all. Another thanks to all who popped in to see our talented artist!!! Don't forget to checkout more creations at her blog :) See you soon...


Sabrina said...

Wohooo!! Viola is such a talented artist!! And she's young!! ;)

Alia said...

This work is totally stunning!!!

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