Friday, 15 April 2011

Cindy's Characteristic Creations

Welcome all to Fascinating Fridays!!! As I was reading more about today's artist, I came to realise that she's a dietitian just as me :) Her creations are always exceptional and she really thinks outside the creative box. Without further ado, lets welcome- Cindy Gay!!!! 
Name: Cindy Gay

1.   When did you first decide to make a page/layout/scrapbook and why? (for eg. any significant event that drives you to make an LO/album?)
I made my first scrapbook in the 1950s.  (No kidding)  My aunt had a beauty shop and she let me cut pictures out of magazines.  I remember cutting out pictures of celebrities Annette Funicello and Tab Hunter and pasting them into a scrapbook!  I still love to cut and paste.  In grade school I was assigned to make a scrapbook of a summer vacation.  In that one I journaled about things I did, drew pictures and added dried flowers and butterflies.  As a teenager I enjoyed taking pictures of my friends and making pages about them with song lyrics or a poem that described them.  In college I took a photography class as an elective and met my future husband in the darkroom where he was a teaching assistant.  That was nearly 40 years ago and we've certainly taken a lot of pictures over the years.  Our oldest son Greg contributes scenic and nature photos.  I can usually convince the younger teenage son Chris to send a picture my way too. 

2.   What process do you go through to create a layout? (for eg. do you take out all your embellishments and papers and start or you usually just hit and go?)

I start my layouts with the photo(s).  Many times I turn to favorite layouts from magazines or online galleries to decide placement and size of the photos.  I love paper and I pick out papers that match my photos.  I'll choose a title next and decide on the title alphas, usually chipboard.  I write my journaling, then type it on a digital journaling block or frame.  Many times I add a digital frame, outline or overlay to my photos before printing them.  Finally I choose embellishments.  I don't adhere until everything's laid out.   Photo(s)-Sketch-Paper-Title-Journaling-Printing-Embellishments-Adhere!   

3.    How would you describe your scrapbooking style? 
I'm a hybrid scrapper.  I combine paper and digital elements on my pages.  I like to think I'm a romantic scrapper but the truth is I try anything, gaining inspiration from you!

4.   What are your favorite scrapbook products and manufacturers? 
I love paper, chipboard, alphas and photo corners.

5.   As you probably know, scrapbooking is an expensive hobby. What drives you to continue scrapbooking and any tips for crafters with low budget?  

My drive is:  I want to remember the good times we've had, the work we've done and the places we've been.  I want to honor my parents and our heritage. 
For budgetary purposes:  I won't buy big packs of anything.  I often leave a store with single sheets of paper.  The one big investment I've made is my Epson Printer.  I also have an Epson Scanner.  There are many free digital elements online and single digital elements to download for around a dollar.  Digital elements can be used again and again.   

Checkout these whimsical pages!!!

6.   From the 3 layouts, describe the most creative design you used.
1)  Wind in Your Hair
While driving the Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania, we stopped at a fruit market and photographed a mural painted on the side of the building.  In the mural was an antique car with an elderly couple.  I cloned our heads into the car and proceeded from there. The slogan painted on the side of the barn is my title:  "Wind in your hair, feeling alive, the great institution......the Sunday Drive!"  We laughed and laughed as I created this layout.

2)  Gravity
My husband photographed the Blue Heron when our son was at Boys State.  To the photo I added lyrics from the song "Gravity" by Jewel as these words fit our pride in Chris and this stage in his young life.

3)  Pi Day
A techie friend on suggested I make a layout about this unknown holiday in March.  No problem!  I painted the background by using a piece of packaging to stencil the circles.  The frame and journaling block are digital.

Oh my!!! Cindy, you are such a talented dietitian. Thanks dear for giving us some of your valuable time and sharing with us!!! And ladies thanks to you too for peeking :) Don't forget to visit Cindy and leave her some kind words....


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I've followed Cindy's work for a long time now - so happy to see her recognized here!! :)

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Great work!

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