Friday, 1 April 2011

WOW Layouts with Wirda!!!

Its a new Friday so its time to spotlight a new skilled artist. Today we're featuring a very humble and sweet lady just like her friend, Sabrina Sulaiman (team member), who decided to feature her. Now let's welcome our star...Wirda!!!
Name: Wirda

1. When did you first decide to make a page/layout/scrapbook and why? (for eg. any significant event that drives you to make an LO/album?)
I first started out scrapbooking because I wanted to preserve the memories of my late father whom I lost to cancer in Jan 2008. Scrapbooking did just that- encapsulate and immortalise memories I had of him with our family.

2. What process do you go through to create a layout? (for eg. do you take out all your embellishments and papers and start or you usually just hit and go?)
I like to start my layouts or albums by carefully selecting the photographs I wanted to use. For me, the photographs would set the mood of the layout or album. I would then work from there in selecting the colors that would complement the photograph and mood. But there are also times, when I get inspired to just look through the supplies that I have not been using for some time and start off from there.

3. How would you describe your scrapbooking style?
My scrapbooking style changes from time to time...but generally I am very drawn to vintage, shabby chic and heritage style of scrapbooking. Sometimes, I just scrapbook without having in mind what type of style I would prefer. For me, essentially, as long as my layouts have some kind of journaling or significance in the metaphorical sense, scrapbooking is then achieved.

4. What are your favorite scrapbook products and manufacturers?
My favourite scrapbook products and manufacturers are from Tim Holtz and Ranger. I also enjoy collecting all types of stamps.

5.As you probably know, scrapbooking is an expensive hobby. What drives you to continue scrapbooking and any tips for crafters with low budgets? 
I make scrapbooking affordable by looking out for discounts and buying during sales.

Time to feast your eyes:

6. From the 3 layouts you have shared, describe the most creative design you used.
The mini book which uses the Hambly transparency as its book cover is one of the most creative designs I have used. For this mini book, it was important to draw others to its content, thus it involves careful selection of embellishment and layering so as to ensure clean lines and simplicity.

So creative layouts, Wirda!!! Thanks for sharing, sister :) Now its time to visit Wirda at her blog and get inspired... Thanks to all and see you soon... 


Cindy Gay said...

The layout and albums are all beautiful. Well done!

The Nostalgic Scrapper said...

Thank you Paperie Designs' Studio and Friends.

Noor Nahdi said...

Welcome dear...Happy to feature you!!!!!

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