Friday, 20 May 2011

Preethu's Pretty Pieces

Hello and Welcome....Our artist today resides in United Arab Emirates, and Amna (Team Member) met her once at one of the exhibitions. She's quite a busy lady yet finds time to create beautiful pieces....Let's meet Preethu  :)

Name: Preethu J Kurup

1) When did you start paper quilling ? and how did you know about it ?
I have a passion for art and craft from my childhood days. A few years back while I was searching for different methods of making paper flowers, I got the idea of quilled flowers on internet. Because of the difficulty in finding supplies and tools at that time, I started cutting paper strips using a ruler and a craft knife.  
2) Do you read books about quilling and other crafts? or what sources do you use mostly?
I never got a chance to go through the books on paper quilling. I am using Internet for most of the information regarding art and craft. I am a member of many art and craft groups and have good relations with many quillers around the world whose works inspire me to do quilling. 
3) Describe yourself as an Artist , what hobbies do you like and practice? what other forms of art do you like? how long have you been crafting in general ?
I am so passionate to art and craft and a constant learner of the same. I love to experiment with different techniques and methods and always try to combine different art & methods. Along with quilling I love to try other art forms like glass painting, embroidery, card making and now crochet.
4) Do you work or study? and does practicing hobbies affect any aspect of your life?
I am doing Ph.D in Business Administration. Hobbies really do affect my life. It gives me so much, satisfaction, happiness and relief. My family and friends motivate me a lot to create more.
5) Do you attend workshops or give workshops ?
I did not attend any workshops yet. I am conducting craft classes.
6) Have you gained any benefit from your art? what kind of benefit ?
The main benefit is self satisfaction on the completion of any art work. In addition to that, the motivation and inspiration from people which really help me to improve my skills.
7) Anything else you would like to share with us?
I would like to thank you all for giving me an opportunity to share my experience in quilling and other crafts which really honored me. I would like to share and learn more with other members of the Emirates Quilling Guild.

Now take a look at Preethu's creations:

Phenomenal creations, Preethu!!!! Love all the details added :) Thanks sweetheart for sharing your passion with us. And thank you peeps for visiting us today...Great Weekend!!!!


Sabrina said...

Wohoo, great discovery, Noor!! Her work is amazing :)

Preethu said...

Thanks a lot Noor for featuring me in your blog

Noor Nahdi said...

Welcome Preethu....Pls mail me to send out the badge to you :)

Colleen Dietrich said...

Wow! These are amazing creations!

~Tammy~ said...

How very unique! What a great and wonderful feature!

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