Friday, 13 July 2012

Joan's Journey

Joan a.k.a. "Sassy" may have a fiesty nickname, but, she is a very humble and sweet lady.  She has a true passion for paper crafting and that is evident every time she posts a new project on her blog!  She chooses happiness on a daily basis and shares that happiness with the world.  As you read her interview, you'll realize why Sassy and her designs are so sweet!
Name: Joan Olk

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I am "Sassy" a "young-at-heart" 56-year old, married, with two grown children (31 and 27).  Married to Jason for the last seven years we are the parents to Sassy, a peke-a-poo, along with two cats, Nicki and Indy.  We make our home in Maple Grove, Minnesota (not to be confused with Walnut Grove and Little House on the Prairie).  Born and raised here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, I have never tried lutefisk, love the serenade of loons at the lake, and the North Shore is my favorite place to vacation.  In addition to paper crafts, I enjoy crocheting, fishing, board/video games, and reality television.  I choose happiness each day from the moment I wake up.  Sparkle, priceless and believe are my favorite words.  Beets, brats, and beer are food and drink I avoid and it is only by chance they all begin with a "b".  

2. When and how did you start cardmaking?
Honestly?  I think I stumbled upon it.  Back in 2002, after the death of my Dad, I made a scrapbook of his life x 11 copies!  For several years that followed, I belonged to scrapbooking groups on Yahoo and MSN, hosting and participating in scrapbook-related swaps.  After making many scrapbooks as gifts and some for hire, when moving I retired all my supplies to moving boxes for several years.  A co-worker was a SU Demo and after attending a couple of card making events at her home, I slowly tried it.

3. What inspires you to create? 
New products, color, and blogs.  New products as I just want to dibble dabble in this and that and try it.  Bright vivid colors, seasonal colors, any colors!  Currently, I subbed to over 400 blogs at last count and from them all I find so much I love.

4. What is your favorite technique?  Why?
Hmmmm…. Messy, I suppose, is not a technique?  Recently, I discovered a new love of using stencils, masking, and misting.  It adds great texture and as much pop of color as you like.  Distressing and inking are probably what I use the most.

5. Who are your favorite papercrafters at the time?  Why?
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer – I never miss her daily blog.  What an inspiration!  Love her stencils, tutorials and how she uses mixed media in everything!
Teresa Collins – Her paper lines are gorgeous!  So much so that I own them, look at them, just can’t bring myself to cut them.  Someday I will.  But for now, hoarding is the only option.
Claudine Hellmuth – The first word that comes to mind is happy - love her whimsical stamps sets and all her products!
Christy Tomlinson – We began paper crafting about the same time although she is a bit bigger than I am at this time.  HaHa!  I have loved her since beginning with Chatterbox.  She does it all!

6. Describe your style.
It is easier for me to tell you what I am not… and that is CAS.  I struggle so with CAS, always wanting to add one more of mist, layer, embellishment, more ribbon, ink, etc.  White space must bother me.
Let’s call my style… mish mash.  Whatever comes to mind is the creative route I take.  I am not much of a planner and what I end up with is usually a surprise.  In addition, if I don’t like the result, I toss it aside hoping to recycle some of its elements and I begin again.

7. Are you on any design teams at the time?  Have you been published in any magazines?
Yes, two:
The Perfect Sentiment
Frosted Designs Fabulous Friday team
No, I have never been published.

8.What is your favorite thing(s) about creating?
OOOO…. Lots of things come to mind… the joy of completing a project I am happy with, giving a creation as a gift to someone that can appreciate all involved in bringing it all together, sharing my creation with others and receiving comments and constructive criticism.

Such bright and colorful projects!!! They're surely radiating so much happiness :) Thanks Joan for fluttering our crafty hearts and spending some time with us!!!
If you wanna get more inspiration then visit our featured star's blog now... Thanks for passing by and have a fun-tastic Friday!!


Hussena said...

its so nice to get to know about you Sassy...such a positive attitude towards life:):)..i am so inspired!!! your projects they are just Gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

Love the interview and it is truly indicative of who you are Sassy!!! Love your happy outlook, encouragement for others and your love of crafting!!

scrappinsmiles said...

this is awesome! You so deserve this. Love that your favorite technique is messy!!! I think we are all there just won't admit it. ;)

Margaret said...

Fabulous interview Sassy. We love how you start our days with your cheerful attitude! Go YOU!

Rochelle Sodipo said...

Congratulations Sassy! You're a crafty DIVA!

Rosie Gustafson said...

What a great interview Sassy, nice to see you around. I really enjoy your creativeness too! You are a wonderful, kindhearted and very positive woman!

Barb Craft said...

Great interview Sassy!! You are a extremely creative person and the spotlight is well deserved!! Thanks for sharing a little about yourself with us!

Barb :)

Stella said...

Congratulations Sassy on being featured; so well deserved! I love that beautiful box you made!

Beverly Tiemann said...

Very nice interview! And lovely projects. So glad to know more about you, Sassy! Hugs, Beverly

krcmasterpiece said...

Sassy rocks!! She's on my DT @ Perfect Sentiments. You can always count on her to give it all in her designs.

Estelle from Hernando, MS said...

I've known JOan/Sassy for a few years now. Although we haven't met in person, I consider her to be a dear friend. We met on line in a yahoo scrapbooking group. This little group is like family. We have been there through births, deaths, weddings, graduations, etc. We have cried, prayed, yes, even cursed a little but in the end the friendship is stable. Sassy is a very caring and talented. I am happy to see that she is stepping out of her safe haven and trying something new. Love ya! Sassy girl! show your stuff! Estelle/aka mamahowe

Jennipher said...

Very well deserved feature Sassy!

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