Friday 11 January 2013

Back with Priya!!

Hi Everyone ,
Welcome to the first feature in 2013!! Our Fascinating Friday's guest, after the long break, is the super talented and artistic crafter Priya Sivaraj. She is a very versatile crafter and also a business woman running her own online craft store and she loves to experiment with new techniques and mediums plus sharing various tutorials on them... Her passion for crafting can be clearly seen in her work which ranges from quilling to stamping to punch craft and not only that, she is an expert when it comes to making the best use of the craft supplies... I hope you will drop by her blog to see what I am talking about :) But before you do that here's a look at what Priya has to say about herself and her work:-
Name: Priya Sivaraj

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
Hello, I am Priya Sivaraj from Chennai, India. I am an Engineering graduate, now Stay at Home mom of an adorable 6 year old boy and wife to a handsome loving husband! I had been working with a reputed software company. I resigned my job to take good care of my little kidoo and pursue my interests and I have to say I am loving both!  I started blogging late 2011, to share all that I create and some tutorials for others to learn.  I sell craft supplies too!
2. When and how did you start crafting?
Crafting is my passion since childhood days.The crafting bug in me kept glinting now and then, till I borrowed some time for it to come out! Now it is on its full glow, taking up all my free time and keeping me busy! Not that I am complaining.. :) Just enjoying it! Crafting satisfies my creative desires and sometimes acts as a stress buster too!
3. What inspires you to create?
I draw inspirations from fellow bloggers, internet and magazines. Inspirations can come from anything and at any place!! It just strikes!

4.What is your favorite technique? Why?
Any technique that can be done for/with embossing is my favorite!! I feel embossing gives another dimension to the crafts.
5.Who are your favorite paper crafters at this time? Why?
It is hard to pick just one or two! Every single crafter has a distinct and special touch in their projects to admire. But I have to say Jeniffer Mc Guire, Erum, Nichole Heady are my all time favorites!
6. Describe your style.
I like to make bright colored projects and use handmade embellishments as focal points. Something in between CAS and Clutter. But I try other styles too :)
7. Are you on any design team at this time?
I am one of the designers at Studio V Challenges and I previously designed for Varnas stamps.
8.What is your favorite thing about creating?
There is so much that crafting and creating had taught me. Hard work with passion pays off. Learning what you like is fun and working on it is more exciting. When you love, what you do, work does not seem like work! It is gratifying! And in the process of learning, should you make mistakes, they are your stages in learning, which will only improvise your works in future!  
Isn't Priya's work just beautiful and don't you just love the burst of colors in her work :) Personally I love her beach themed card where she has added such cute details :) And now that you all have seen Priya's work and got to know her a little better we would love it if you shared some love on her blog as well as here!! Until next time,  happy days =)


Priya Sivaraj said...

Noor!! My sincere thanks for featuring me!!And all the complements that went with the post!! :)

Sathya said...

So happy to see you here in fabulous friday, Priya...Am an ardent lover of ur very generous tutes and expecting much more in future days too :)and ofcourse enjoyed your craft store supplies of the speedy service, i must say!!!!

Dr Sonia S V said...

Priya is such a versatile crafter...she does everything and balances a little one too.Am fortunate to have her as a friend too!!I feel proud that you have featured her!

Lekha justin said...

Lovely creations Priya..

Poornima said...

Nice to know more about you Priya..Love the tutorials that she share on her blog..She is so versatile crafter !!

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