Friday, 12 August 2011

Divya's Art Room

Our featured artist today is not only a crafter but a dentist as well .. It's great to explore the worlds of both science and art just as Divya Deepak,,, We're also so glad to spotlight a lady who does not only quill but practices other arts too... Let's get to know her better :)
Name: Divya Deepak

1) When did you start paper quilling ? and how did you know about it ?
I started paper quilling very seriously about 1 year back I am loving it :-)
I had heard a little about it in art stores, had also seen some cut ready-made strips. Luckily I got to learn all the basics from a lady in India. The learning process in still continuing & I know it will forever. The internet & books helped me a lot too.
2) Do you read books about quilling and other crafts? or what sources do you use mostly ?
Yeah, I do read books & use the web to learn something new. There is always so much to explore. Otherwise it's my own imagination......
3) Describe yourself as an Artist , what hobbies do you like and practice? what other forms of art do you like? how long have you been crafting in general ?
Describe myself as an artist???.....Well I would love it if others can answer that one :-)
Anyway, if I may, I would call myself a learner........there are sooo many things that I still want to learn & create!!! .... & I know that I love what I am doing.
I do various kinds of art like warli painting(which is a tribal art from India), stain glass painting, origata which is also a paper craft, lippan art, lamasa & minakari painting.....I also make paper bags & gift boxes. Well, of course paper quilling & warli take priority :-)
I have been crafting since childhood but I took a looooong break because of studies.
Apart from this, I loveeee to cook & bake. So I would call that another hobby of mine :)
4) Do you work or study? and does practicing hobbies affect any aspect of your life?
I am actually a Dentist & I was working. But then, after I got married art got me very interested. With encouragement from my husband & family, I am currently giving art & craft classes at home in New Jersey. When I teach, I learn more!!!
I take orders too & I am presently working on an order of warli paintings to decorate the rooms of an apartment complex. I also have an online store on ETSY where I sell my creations.
5) Do you attend workshops or give workshops ?
I have not attended any workshops but I do teach at home.
6) Have you gained any benefit from your art? what kind of benefit ?
What can I say.......This is my PASSION. I love doing what i am doing & I am very grateful to God for that:-) I am constantly thinking about what my next creation should be or how I can improvise on my work. It really keeps stress away.... I think most people would agree with me on  this.
It is of course a feel good factor that I am able to create something nice & also that my creations can bring a smile on someone's face :-).......I consider myself very blessed to be able to make life more beautiful for myself & for others :-)

7) Do you have a website or a blog that you would like to share with us?
I do have a blog
And this is my online store....
8) Anything else you would like to share with us or would like to add?
I just want to thank each & every artist that I have met till today including you Amna, for every single person is an inspiration to me :-)

Take your inspiration doses for today :)

Divya, you're really multi-talented!!! Such clean and perfect creations!!! Thank you very much dear for being with us.. And thanks to all for swinging by,,, Will let you now enjoy Divya's work thru this video :) 


Mary Dawn said...

your art is BEAUTIFUL!

Divya Deepak said...

AWWW thanks nur:)

Noor Nahdi said...

Welcome Divya!!! Glad to feature your creativity :)

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