Friday, 19 August 2011

Stunning LO's by Sharon

Welcome all to Fascinating Fridays!!!! Today's featured artist is a skilled scrapbooker who enjoys a high sense of imagination,,, Her pages deliver a pure dose of art and creativity... Lemme and Alia introduce you to sweet Sharon :)
Name: Sharon Fritchman

1. How did you get involved in the world of scrapbooking?
I think I have always been a scrapper.  Ever since I was a kid, I had an interest in art and journaling.  I won poster contests in grade school, and got A's in art in high school, even when it wasn't cool to be interested in art.  (Ha-Ha! ) My real interest in scrapbooking started when my husband and I adopted our second daughter from China.  As I learned about adoption and "Lifebooks," my interest in scrapbooking took off.  And I have not stopped since . . . .

 2. How do you go about creating a layout? Describe your typical process.
I really don't have a typical process.  Each layout is different for me.  I usually start a page after being inspired by something I see in a magazine, on TV, online, or in nature.  Sometimes, I start with a title that I like or lyrics from a song.  Then I print out my own pictures and spread them across my scrap-room floor.  Next, I pick out the papers and embellishments that I want to use.  I sometimes get inspiration from a challenge or a sketch that I see online or in a book or magazine.  

3. What are your favorite products and tools to use on your layouts? If you could have unlimited access to any product or tool, what would it be?
I love my distressing tool and water bottle.  I also use my sewing machine a lot!  
My ATG gun is my absolute favorite adhesive ever.  You would have to wrestle it out of my hands to get it away from me!  (Ha-ha again!)  I would love to have unlimited access to the ATG refills. 

4. What types of unconventional, unique, or unexpected materials or techniques have you used on your layouts?
I love to try new things on layout pages.  I have used fabric, twigs, burlap, chopsticks, pins, and machine stitching, just to name a few.  I recently started masking and misting on my layouts, and like using different items such as mirrors.  I remember when I first started scrapbooking, everything had to be "scrapbook specific, acid free and photo safe."  I love that things are not as stringent now. 

5. When someone opens your scrapbooks years from now, what do you hope they will think or say?
I would really love it if my daughters and future generations look back on my pages and feel happy about knowing more about their heritage and events that happened in their lives or their ancestors' lives to make then who they are.

6. Where can we view more of your work?
I have a gallery on under my username: Fritchey. 
You can also see my work on "Scrapping the Music" at, as I am a member of their design team.
In addition, I have a new brand new "baby blog" at

Enjoy these fantastic layouts:


Oh my,,, love them so much!!! And really adore the wide variety of techniques and materials used :) Thank you Sharon for being with us today and thanks to all who popped by!!!! Happy Friday :)


Cindy deRosier said...

Wonderful LOs! I really enjoyed learning more about Sharon and seeing her work.

reneabouquets said...

Sharon, you are such an innovative scrapper and just a super sweet person on top of it! I loved getting to read about you and getting to know you better. I had never seen that Phantom Of The Opera layout-wowza is that some fantastic work!!

Courtney V said...

Sharon all i can say is wow...I havent seen these layouts before! guess where I am headed....right to your gallery...That Phantom of the Opera layout is to die for!!! I want it on my wall right now!! Love getting to know you!

Cheryl (C Mom Go) said...

No doubt you are featured are an amazing artist and person. I loved your interview and being a part of this wonderful feature! Hugs!

Scrap Vamp said...

Completely fabulous pages! They are all so different but so beautiful in there own way!!!

Sharon Fritchman said...

Noor, your blog is so beautiful! Thank you so much for featuring me today! And thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments! I really appreciate them!!!!

Cindy Gay said...

Sharon's the best! Great to read the interview!

Blossom inch said...

Sharon, what a beautiful pages you have created. I love them all and those make me blown away and totally divine.

Noor and Sharon, thank you for sharing these.

KellyCreates said...

How cool to read your interview, Sharon, and get inside your creative head :) Love your work...and more importantly, love your HAIR...hee hee!

~Tammy~ said...

What an amazing scrapper!!!

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