Monday, 29 August 2011

Kicking off with Amelia Khalik

Hello everyone, 
My name is Amelia Khalik and I’m from Malaysia. I’ve started scrapbooking about 3 years ago and never looked back ever since. I was a bored mom without a hobby and one day while browsing decided that I should try my hands at card making. I took my first lesson at a local scrap book store and started buying my basic tools.

My first few layouts were actually done during a crop party at lss. It was so basic with no layering or technique whatsoever. Every time I look back at those pieces it reminds me of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learn along the way.
Scrapping to me is a no hard rules, no perfection and no right or wrong. It’s more of a hunch and instinct of what looks good on my page at that moment. Most of the time I don’t plan my page in advance, I am a very impromptu person, even on a last minute I could still add or remove items in my page! Nothing fix and certain. lol

I am honored and happy to be given the opportunity to be today's  featured artist. Thank you so much to everyone who believes in me.

I've decided to do 'Eid ul Fitri' card and an altered cookie jar with a gift tag

Such attractive and heart-fluttering pieces, Amelia!!!! Adore the colors you used (actually my favorite) *happy face* Thanks dear for the sweet eye candy and for giving us some of your precious time.... Friends, don't forget to check out her blog, Baby Blu, here.
Catch you ladies tomorrow, the day of Eid, with a new star!!! Happy Eid,


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Kate said...

What stunning, stunning projects! Your flowers are gorgeous and I am so impressed with your inking, too!

Madhushika Lakmini said...

what a looks stunning....

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