Tuesday, 2 April 2013

sending love your way

Hey friends!! Unfortunately, I'm working in a new hospital so you should be understanding all the difficulties that we confront everyday *sad face* Many doctors seem to be freshers with little or no experience or ones who should soon be forced to retire, pathetic... Was very baffled to hear that a nurse didn't know how to inject insulin, other tried many times to insert the drip but failed and a very self-centered nurse refused to change patient's gown for three days, excuse me are you a nurse?! Working in the healthcare industry is not as easy as people assume; it needs plenty of experience, patience and definitely professional ethics... If you can admit that you have none of them then at least act as a human and never put patient's life at risk!! Be humble and get well-trained, not just grab wages for being physically present on duty!!

This card is just full of vibrant colors!! After adhering the gorgeous pp, I layered it with Dear Lizzy Laser Cut Paper,, Then placed the sentiment on transparent sheet, added some butterflies and a pearly swirl... Thanks for swinging by and see you next tym at Fascinating Fridays post, mwah


Sathya said...

Love the card....great to see after a long time..Noor!

Hussena said...

Oh this is just so gorgeous!! i just love that laser cut BG and the way you have placed the sentiment too ..all the details in your card are so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Noor. I love the card. It's so vibrant, and the laser cut paper adds so much to the card :)

chillin with Quillin said...

that is sad how the medical field has gone to the dumps, its very scary to put your life in there hands anymore !!
your card is beautiful, love the bright colors and butterflies to !!!

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