Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Teddy BOY

Peace.. Was quite bewildered to hear of families that have a nanny for every single kid!! Are parents nowadays extremely busy to the extent they can't take care of their young ones, teach them or even chat with them... That's really terrifying and heartbreaking!! Sadly, we are so blown away by the materials surrounding us that we tend to run behind them and forget the value of happy family life.. I strongly believe its high time to re-organize our real priorities before we face the worst ;(

Simple card for a baby boy: Started with clear embossing the base kraft paper then layered with patterned papers.. Next, popped the oval die cut, added teddy bear sticker and a banner.. Finished with ribbon and a felt blue star...
Don't know why my bear is sad, probably his mom left him too =) Hugs and Kisses to all


chillin with Quillin said...

its terriable that families forget whats most important, love your card!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute Card, Noor :)

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