Friday, 12 April 2013

Starring Deepti

Happy Friday!! We're here today to feature a multi-talented artist who enjoys cardmaking, painting, and sketching.. All pieces are purely handmade by her which make them even more captivating!! Will not let you wait for long- let's turn the spotlight on sweet Deepti....

Name: Deepti Malik

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your family.
Firstly, I would like to thank Noor for picking up my creations for Fascinating Friday’s. It is really motivating ;)
And now about me - My name is Deepti, I am from India. I moved to Cleveland – Ohio, USA in October 2011 after getting married. I have done my Masters in Science and also MBA. Prior to coming to USA, I was working as Senior Program Manager (Academics) in a Management Institute. Currently, I am homemaker living with my dear husband Vikas. My parents and my in-laws live in India whom I miss a lot. 

2. How and when did you start crafting?
I have been into creativity right from my childhood, mostly involving school competitions and projects. However, with increasing pressure of studies and pursuing a career, my art was kind of left behind. Now that I am a homemaker, I get enough time to explore it =)
I mostly did charcoal sketching, acrylic painting and soft pastels but crafting began with creating cards at the time of New Year - 2013 for the family. Then I came across the Pinterest, followed by the Paper crafts magazine, followed by Moxie Fab World and finally to the beautiful world of creativity showcased by artists and crafters through their blogs… which led me to create  my own blog in January 2013 and since then I am hooked ;)  

3. From where do you draw your inspiration?
I get inspired by everything around me, from snow covered winters to blooming flowers in spring, birds, animals and even everyday objects of use…

4. How would you describe your style?
I have no specific style per say but I do like to create clean and simple cards mostly based on a theme/ a sentiment or an expression that can be represented in someway on my card

5. What are the 5 top tools in your crafting space?
I have very limited tools, but whatever I have are the best so far for me. The first is the Paper trimmer, crafting scissors, Exacto knife, glue stick and Cuttlebug

6. What’s your favorite technique?
My favorite technique… hmmm… actually I mostly hand draw the elements of my card, some of which you will see in the images of my creations. So I guess that’s my technique ;)
7. What are your go-to colors?
My go to colors are black and white… I definitely have these on my cards in some way or the other.

8. Do you sell your projects?
No, I don’t sell my projects yet. But soon I plan to open up my online store where I’ll sell my handmade cards, acrylic paintings and charcoal sketches by order

9. What do you do when you aren’t crafting? Job? Other hobbies and interests?
I am a home maker. When I am not crafting… I am painting or sketching and when I'm not doing that either, I am taking care of household chores, cooking and spending time with my husband.

10. Are you currently designing for any blog?
No, I haven’t got the opportunity yet but I definitely look forward to that, till then I am enjoying and learning at every step and from all the artists around and I love creating these small pieces of art and expression =)

Ohhh, these are stinkin' cute!! Love the way you incorporate fun images, color combos and definitely the handmade sentiments... Thank you Deepti for entertaining us this week and ladies, you can also visit Dee's Artistic Strokes for creations with acrylic, pastels and charcoal.. Great weekend and stay safe!!


Sathya said...

Nice pick for Fascinating friday.. Welcome Deepti to Blogoland and good luck...Love to see many more of ur lovely creations!!!

Deepti said...

Thank so much Sathya :) I too am excited about blogging n seeing the work of every artist :)

Hussena said...

Hi Deepti,
Your work is really amazing!..I am simply bowled over by the fact that most of your work is hand-drawn and cut!...You really do have great drawing and sketching skills...Totally smitten by your ' Show -time' card! :)

Deepti said...

Thank u so much Hussena :) I honored to be here :)

Deepti said...

Noor, thank you so much again, for featuring me here :)
I am so glad n excited to share n see the work of all other artists :)

Unknown said...

Amazing Deepti, That's sheer harnessing of Natural Talent! Requires innovative and creative thinking and yes a lot of pure imagination. Love you for all that and much more. Keep stroking and cutting! All the best always!
Rita Chatterji, Consultant - Retail, India

Anonymous said...

Congrats Deepti!

Your hand-drawn stuff are great.
Also, the huge flower like embellishment is wow..

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