Friday, 23 September 2011

FF Day 37- Yvonne Yam

Yes we're featuring the 37th artist at Fascinating Fridays!!!! Isn't that overwhelming?? And I'm so lucky to have new friends too,,, Stop envying :) :)
Today's shine adores colors as well as masters playing with techniques and mediums.... Her creations are a pure delight- soon you'll admit too as you discover her world!!!! Let's welcome sweet Yvonne :)
Name: Yvonne Yam
1. When did you start this hobby? 
I really got into scrapbooking in 2009 when I discovered the online crafting community and started playing along with online challenges. 

2. Who inspires you the most? 
I really love Julie Fei-Fan Balzer because she merges mixed media with traditional scrapbooking for her own unique spin on things. 

3. Define your style. 
My style is eclectic at best but really a mish mash of whatever tickles my fancy at that point in time. I love playing with mediums and techniques and I love using found stuff on my projects. Most of my projects incorporate something upcycled and generally a burst of colours! 

4. What are your favourite tools? 
I love EK Success Cutter Bee precision scissors for fussy cutting, my paper piercer and Tim Holtz scissors because it can cut through (almost) everything. 

5. What are your favourite techniques?
I really love playing with masking and misting. It's a great way to add texture and interest to a project without bulk. I also enjoy fussy's very therapeutic and a little goes a long way. The bits and pieces can be used to create little "scenes" and tie the whole project together. I love using "white space" as a design helps to rest the eyes and pull them to a focal point. 

6. Do you follow the latest trends when scrapbooking?
I like to use new patterned papers and just let the patterns guide my creations. It's always interesting when you look at trends and make it your own by combining it with things you already have at hand. 

7. Where do you normally scrap?
I scrap in my bedroom. Sometimes on my bed. Sometimes on the floor. Yes, I have to clean up every single time I craft. It's a pain but it really keeps clutter at bay. 

8. What are your favourite colours? 
This is tough. I love using colours on my projects - yellow, orange, green, blue and red. 

9. Are you designing for any products, brands or scrapbook store?
I'm currently designing for Gauche Alchemy and Your Scrapbook Stash. 

10. How much do you spend per month buying your scrapbook supplies? 
One of the perks of designing for stores/kit clubs is of course the free stuff. I generally buy only cardstock and adhesive...about US$15 a month. 


Thanks friend for taking us on this breathtaking journey!!! Your pieces are so fun and jolly :) Peeps, don't forget to visit Yvonne's blog and leave her some love *happy face*
See you soon and take care,,,


Blossom inch said...

what a lovely entry and gorgeous creations and artwork by Yvonne! These are just beautiful and thanks to Yvonne for joining. Cheers

janine said...

Wow--I really could relate to what Yvonne says about crafting in her bedroom. My bedroom also doubles as my craft room and sometimes it can be so annoying not being able to leave things be until I'm ready to go back to a project. There are times when just the thought of having to drag everything out to 'play' for an hour or so kind of takes the fun out of it. It doesn't happen every time but there are days my patience with it just seems to be in the toilet. Oh, and I would love to say that I only spend 15 dollars a month on I wish :) Love Yvonne's creations---so beautiful!!

yyam said...

Thanks for doing this feature on me! *happy dance* :)

~Tammy~ said...

Beautiful and fantastic layouts! She is a blog I like to frequent! Very talented lady! :-)

Alia said...

Bright and cheery work!!

lynn said...

great feature on yvonne! she has such a wonderful talent for making paper crafts so special!

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