Friday, 30 September 2011

Amy's Amazing Art

Her creations will definitely blow your mind!!!! Even though am following her blog for quite long time, I'm still thirsty for more cards... If you don't know her yet, then you must get ready for the oohs, aahs and wows... Pls help me and Tammy Hobbs introduce you to Amy Sheffer,,,,

Name: Amy Sheffer
When and how did you start Cardmaking? 
I started cardmaking almost ten years ago after attending a friend's Stampin' Up workshop. I was instantly hooked! 

When would you say you are most creative? 
My creativity kicks in around the same time I get all my kiddoes tucked into their beds. I look forward to unwinding in the quiet of my craft room, and often find myself still there into the wee hours of the morning! I truly dislike being under the gun of a deadline, but at the same time, I find that my best work comes in the 11th hour!

What is your favorite technique? 
I'm not so much of a technique-driven designer, but one technique that does find its way into my creations regularly is distressing, whether that's with distress inks, a distressing tool, or paint.

Do trends inspire your creative process? 
I like watching trends take off and find it fun (and often challenging -- in a good way) to incorporate them into my own style.

Is there something about paper crafting you find challenging? 
Finding balance -- I could craft all day! 

Is there a designer in the paper crafting industry that inspires you? If so, what about their style or technique inspires you? 
I'm inspired by so very many talented paper crafters, it would be impossible to name just one! Some of my favorite designers to watch are those whose style is opposite of mine -- specifically, those who pull off the modern, graphic, clean-and-simple look so flawlessly. That's a style that I personally struggle with, so I tend to respond to their work with an extra dose of amazement. 

How would you describe your style? 
Eclectic ... I like to try a little of everything and thrive on that element of surprise. I never know exactly what I'm going to end up with after a crafty session.

How long would you say it takes you to complete a card or project? 
I'm a super slow crafter, and typically spend around three hours on a single card or project. Crazy? Yes. But I love the process just as much as the finished product! 

When you are finished with your beautiful creations what do you do with them? 
Okay, please don't judge ... sadly, many of my creations end up in boxes in my basement, even those specifically created to send out! I don't know why, but I loathe going to the post office, and since my cards tend to be bulky and heavy, I need to take them there for correct postage. I have two goals for the current year -- mail more cards and open an etsy shop so I can sell some, too. I recently purchased a postage scale, which should help with both goals!

Are you on any Design Teams or have served on any in the past? 
I currently design for Stamper's Dream and Verve Stamps. I'm also honored to have served on other design teams in the past, including My Favorite Things, Our Daily Bread Designs, and the Splitcoaststampers "Dirty Dozen" Design Team. I also like to take on short-term guest design opportunities regularly.

Here are some of her many beautiful cards:

Simply chic and delightful!!! No wonder why Amy is so famous in the cardmaking industry.... Thanks dear for fluttering our hearts and thanks to all who enjoyed reading the interview....
Now get ready for the next post as I'll announce my giveaway's lucky winner....Stay tuned :)


~Tammy~ said...

Amy wowed me with her fabulous pieces of artwork! She puts so much thought and detail in her cards! Thanks Amy for sharing your beautiful pieces with the world!

Pendra said...

Wow... Amy's cards are truly beautiful! I adore all the heart and soul she puts into her work, it is so much fun to look and marvel at all the detail! It would be awesome to get a card from her! Thanks for sharing a little about her!

Naomi said...

Wow, Amy's work is TRULY AMAZING and I am now her newest follower...thanks for sharing!

Lidiya said...

Beautiful cards! Love the paper piecing!

Kate said...

What gorgeous projects, Amy! Each one is fabulous, but I am especially taken with the first!

Blossom inch said...

what a gorgeous cards..all are so lovely!

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