Friday, 14 October 2011


I’m Lay Hoon from Malaysia. I’m mother of 2 children, a full time Quantity Surveyor and I make art during my free time. I do Art journaling, mixed media, scrapbooking, ATC, altered art, altered book, and handmade book, etc. I maintain 2 blogs, a craft blog called and a postcard blog called
1. When did you start this hobby? 
I started art journaling 4 years back and first came to know about Art Journaling from a Soul Journaling class generously conducted by Sarah Whitmire. From there on, I started exploring new world other than scrapbooking. I learnt various techniques throughout the process and way to express the thought via Art. Art Journaling then became my tool to release / relieve my pressure.

2. Who inspires you most? 
There are many great talented artists / art makers out there, for e.g. Michelle Ward, iHanna , Kathryn Anty, Alisa Burke, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, DJ Pettitt, Milly (Taiwan) and etc.

3. Define your style.
It is quite difficult for me to categorize my own style. I love blending the essence of retro and vintage also sometimes with mixture of zakka style. I’m not the kinda of neat, organize and clean type and allow the imperfection (that’s Handmade, made by hand and heart). 

4. What are your favorite tools? 
Acrylic paint, distress ink, and spray.

5. What is your favorite technique?
I dont pre-plan the pages but rather let the creative juice flow on the point of time. I just enjoy the process of getting all the pieces together.

6. Where do you normally do your artwork?
I must thank my hubby to share me the room where my art supplies are more than his stuffs in the room.

7. What are your favorite colors? 
Unconsciously I use blue green more and can’t resist with beige as well. 

8. Are you designing for any products, brands or scrapbook store? 
Not at the moment. I wish I will have such an opportunity. 

9. How much do you spend per month buying your art supplies? 
Not really calculated as the supplies are collected throughout the years of creating. For example, I hoard at Japanese washi tape one time that a hundred is spend in order to start the collection. Recently, I sewed handmade book and spent for about few hundreds for getting some papers, fabric and embellishment and etc.


Wow, what a wonderful journey with Lay's creations!!!! Lay, you've got a mind-blowing creativity and talent... Thanks dear for fascinating us today and thanks to all who visited... Happy times :) :)


Lay Hoon said...

Thank you for the chance to voice out my little world here.

Cindy Gay said...

Lay Hoon is quite the artist! Very artistic.

Blossom inch said...

Gorgeous Lay Hoon and great that you joined us. Thanks for sharing your art work.

Marina said...

Wow! Amazing work! Glad to know you Lay Hoon :)

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