Friday, 10 June 2011

Karen's Kreative Kreations

Truly speaking, I really enjoy featuring talents every Friday that I can't stay without it!!! It's so interesting to meet such artisans and among them is today's skilled artist- Karen Baker. BTW this name is not unfamiliar to me as her creations won many many times :) Want to meet her, then pls welcome dear Karen....
Name: Karen Baker

When and how did you start Cardmaking?
I started a bit of cardmaking almost two years ago and went full force when I started my blog in October of 2010. Nothing like blogging to make you create, create and create!

When would you say you are most creative?
Since I have two smallish boys, I've learned to be creative in the late evening. However, my mind never strays far from thinking creatively, so I have a notebook to jot ideas down that strike at all hours.

What is your favorite technique?
I am smitten with emboss resist. I love the layered look and what can be achieved with that technique and distress inks.

Do trends inspire your creative process?
I don't trend watch myself, rather let the industry leaders do it for me and try to incorporate ideas into a card. I really enjoy visiting fashion and home decor websites for inspiration these would be Anthropologie and Pottery Barn, ooh, I swoon.

Is there a designer in the paper crafting industry that inspires you?  If so, what about their style or technique inspires you?
I admire all the designers that can pull off the vintage or shabby and chic styles simply because I have such a difficult time with that style myself. I love the layering that these gals can do, the amount of product that they can put on a card and not make it look to bulky and the soft color that tends to stay with that style.

How would you describe your style?
Definitely clean and simple or clean and graphic!

How long would you say it takes you to complete your card?
If I have a great idea in my head then execution usually takes about thirty minutes. Sometimes though, I have an idea and it is just really hard to incorporate that into the paper form, so I hee and haw around with the card. Those kinds of cards can take probably two or so hours from start to finish.

And here are some of Karen's favorites:

Ladies, aren't these just so fancy and magnificent?? No wonder she grabbed many prizes- belated congrats Karen. Thank you sweetheart for spending some time here and dosing us with plentiful inspirations!!!! And thank you all for paying us a visit :) Have a fantastic Friday......


Lekha justin said...

Amazing creativity...beautiful cards....!

~amy~ said...

No surprise that you would feature Karen...she is chock full of talent and is a great gal! Loved reading the run interview!

lynn said...

great interview--karen is as sweet as she is talented!

Karen B. said...

Thank you Noor, for featuring me today, what an honor! Thanks to your teammate Tammy too, for taking the time to ask me the wonderful questions that really got me thinking!

Tenia Nelson said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Karen and her work!!! I am a big fan!!!! Yay!!!!

jen said...

Karen's work is ALWAYS inspiring!!!

Noor Nahdi said...

Welcome sweet Karen!!! We're honored to feature you :)

Alice Wertz said...

your cards are stunning, Karen! amazing beautiful designs. you are such an inspiration! congrats on being featured!

Kate said...

What wonderful creations! I do like the clean lines Karen uses.

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