Friday, 3 June 2011

Michelle's Merry Makings

Hi peeps...Hope your week was great and to kick-off weekend in a greater way we're featuring Michelle Hernandez whose LO's are fun, sassy and cheerful :) Want to know her, then let's meet today's talent...
Name: Michelle Hernandez

1. How did you get involved in the world of scrapbooking?
I first started scrapping in 2009 when I developed complications during my first pregnancy. My doctor suggested I take up a hobby I could do at home to distract me from the stress of the situation. At first I just wrote in my journal and concentrated on decorating the nursery but I got really frustrated with my lack of drawing skills so I started looking for embellishments to help me decorate and found the paper crafting community online. I've been hooked ever since.

2. How do you go about creating a layout? Describe your typical process.
Creating a layout is actually a big challenge for me. Right now I find myself making mostly 8 by 11 format layouts with multiple photos. I prefer small print background papers and I LOVE fussy cutting to add pizzaz to a page. When I find myself completely stuck I "lift" ideas from other people's layouts (but never the whole page without giving credit). 

I also use sketches and I keep notes of innovative things I see and want to try. I get inspiration from magazine layouts (all magazines not just crafty ones) subway adverts, art or museum exhibits and old book/record covers.  RARELY do I have a final layout in mind when I sit down. My best pages literally form themselves as I sit down with some paper and photos. I am a really slow scrapper- even the simple pages take a couple of days. I also find that leaving a page alone for a few days gives me perspective on design flaws and I can fix those before I stick everything down. Finally I always write my journaling on another piece of paper before I add it to my layout- sometimes it's a struggle to find the words for what I feel so many pages just have titles.

3. What are your favorite products and tools to use on your layouts? If you could have unlimited access to any product or tool, what would it be?
Here is a list of scrappy things I love beyond all reason: woodgrain patterns, grid/graph patterns, fabric/cloth patterns, pop dots, paper punches, velvet ribbon, clear stamps, clashing or vibrant colors and Thickers. If I had to choose only 1 item to receive in unlimited supply I would say print paper. You can make anything with a good print and some scissors- all else is icing on the cake. I would also LOVE to get my hands on a laser cutting machine! I would make all kinds of crazy embellishments.

4. What types of unconventional, unique, or unexpected materials or techniques have you used on your layouts?
Lately I find I'm using a fine point marker to outline edges a lot. I'm also using canceled mail stamps and hand stitching on many of my pages. I even have some 2 sided pages where I try to make the stitch design work for both sides- that's really fun because you have to think in advance about the design. I'm also using a craft knife to cut windows into my pages. My goal is to try to get more artsy and use paint but paint is so messy and unpredictable I'm resisting it's frequent use right now.

5. When someone opens your scrapbooks years from now, what do you hope they will think or say?
For me this hobby is less about memory keeping and more about personal creative expression, developing my photography skills and meeting inspiring people. I don't like to think too far ahead in the future but I hope to have more room for my "stash" and a better storage system for my finished projects- right now they are in boxes since many are too thick for actual scrapbooks. My next purchase will be some binder rings to keep pages together by the year.

6. Where can we view more of your work? (Galleries, blog, etc...)
You can find my work at Two Peas In a Pod or both under Hernandm1

You can also check out my blog:

Time to admire Michelle's creations:

That was stunning, Michelle!!! Your pages are marvelously filled with colors and techniques...Thank you dear for sharing your talent with us here at Paperie Designs' Studio. Thank you all for visiting and have a fabulous weekend :)


Cindy Gay said...

Great job. Very nice designs. Love "survivor". Interesting interview!

PaperVine said...

Michelle does beautiful work which is always very bright and super fun. I am really pleased to see you featuring her and her amazing projects!

Alia said...

Michelle's work is so fun and makes me smile!

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