Friday, 17 June 2011

Madhushika's Marvelous Masterpieces...

Our artist today is a young talented lady from Sri Lanka. Madhushika Lakmini executes all her projects with complete perfection and utmost beauty!!! Please welcome today's star, Madhushika...
1) When did you start paper quilling ? and how did you know about it ? 
I started paper quilling about 2 years ago.I got to know about paper quilling from a handmade birthday card that I got from one of my friends.

2) Do you read books about quilling and other crafts? or what sources do you use mostly ?
No, I haven't read any books about quilling and I mostly use internet to know whatever I want to know about quilling.

3) Describe yourself as an artist , what hobbies do you like and practice? what other forms of art do you like? how long have you been crafting in general ? 
I'm 22 years old craft-loving girl.I like to do quilling and glass paintings. Also I like to design graphic Illustrations (vector Illustrations).Generally I started to do these crafts after finishing my Advanced Level examination in 2007.

4) Do you work or study? and does practicing hobbies affect any aspect of your life?
I'm conducting English classes for school children at my home and these hobbies are really useful for my mental satisfaction.

5) Do you attend workshops or give workshops ?
No, I haven't attended any workshops yet and I'm just a beginner.

6) Have you gained any benefit from your art? what kind of benefit ?
Yes, the main benefit is my mental satisfaction. 

7) Do you have a website or a blog that you would like to share with us?
No, I don't have any yet.

8) Anything else you would like to share with us or would like to add?
All I have to say is quilling and other crafts make this world a wonderful place to everyone. It's a meditation and it's a silent medicine for many sicknesses. 

Now take a look at these perfect pieces!!!

Wow, isn't she a true young talent?!! Thank you Madhu for sharing with us your passion for art....Ladies, you may view a video created by Amna Al Fardh (Team Member) for our featured artist:
Thank you all for peeking and see you with another talent next Friday!!! Until then....Happy Crafting :)


Lekha justin said...

Congraaats Madhu...The bird is awesome...!

Madhushika Lakmini said...

Thanks a lot Lekha.......and thanks a lot for Noor Nahdi and Amna...for making my small world a wonderful one..:)

Noor Nahdi said...

Welcome sweetie!!!! Wishing you all the best :)

Swati said...

Beautiful work Madhu.......

newtec said...

this is just GRATE.....she has perfect talent..once see her art we cant take eye out from just GRATE..(buddhi deshapriya)

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